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Marriage & Family Therapy Program
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The Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling is responsible for organizing and providing instructional programs in counseling and other human development functions of public schools, colleges/universities, and various agencies. The Department offers the following degree programs: (1) Master of Arts in Community Counseling, with three concentrations: Addictions Counseling, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Marriage and Family Counseling; (2) Master of Arts in Community Counseling; (3) Master of Arts in School Counseling, with two concentrations: Elementary/Middle School Licensure, and Secondary School Licensure; (4) Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy; (5) Master of Arts in Student Development, with two concentrations: College Counseling, and Student Affairs Practice. All courses are taught from a multicultural perspective that emphasizes the differing experiences, cultures, histories, and perspectives of people from a variety of ethnic, gender, racial, and social class backgrounds.

Program Overview
Program Administrator
Nickolas A. Jordan, Ph.D, LMFT
Department Emphasis
  • 40% School Counseling
  • 30% Community Counseling
  • 30% Family Therapy
Campus Enrollment
Program Options
  • Master’s
Areas of Study
  • Therapy (Couples, Marriage, or Family) - Master's
Department Address

730 Rivers Street
PO 32038
Boone, NC 28608
United States

Phone Number
Graduate Program
Graduate Director
Dr. Nickolas Jordan
Graduate Courses Offered
  • Theories of Marriage & Family Therapy I, II, & III
  • Clinical Issues
  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Mediation & Divorce Therapy
  • Substance Abuse in the Family System
  • Systemic Family Therapy Institute
  • Systemic Gestalt Therapy
  • Marital and Couples Therapy
  • Ecotherapy
  • Body and Mind
  • Family Development and Theory
  • Human Sexuality
  • Application & Theories of Child Development
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Women's Issues
  • Counseling the Aging
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Race & Minority Relations
  • Sociology of the Family
  • Sociology of Adult Development & Aging
  • Legal & Ethical Issues
  • Research Methods
  • Life/Career Planning
  • Counseling Theories & Techniques
  • Theory & Practice of Reality Therapy
  • The Appalachian Addictions Institute
  • Group Counseling/Therapy
  • Sexual Abuse Counseling
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Advanced Abnormal Psychology/Diagnosis and Psychopathology
  • Internship in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Optional Thesis
  • Advanced Systemic Multicultural Counseling
Master's Level
Masters Program Options
  • Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Certificate/Concentration: Systemic Multicultural Counseling
Masters Comments

The marriage and family therapy program is designed to meet the need for advanced preparation of counselors who work with families in a wide variety of work settings. A comprehensive exam is required, which is taken following the completion of required coursework (excluding the internship). This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy.

CFLE Information

NCFR recognizes schools offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs with course work that follows the Standards and Criteria required for approval as a Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). NCFR approval allows the school to offer their graduates the opportunity to apply for Provisional Certification using the Abbreviated Application process. The CFLE Checklist represents the courses that meet the CFLE criteria at that school. Students must complete all the courses on a checklist in order to qualify to apply for the CFLE designation through the Abbreviated Application process.