Family Studies (B.A.)

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

We offer a major that is flexible in content and has an emphasis on practical application. Students have an opportunity to explore functional and dysfunctional family systems dynamics and to take courses focused on childhood and adolescence, trauma, familial relationships, and family counseling. Individuals who want to work with families, couples, or children will be set up for success with a Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies from Arizona Christian University.

Graduates are prepared to:

  • Describe dynamics of communication and power in familial relationships.
  • Assess the impact of various stressors on family functioning.
  • Describe various parenting models.
  • Develop and or expand knowledge and understanding of various theoretical approaches to family counseling
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physical, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual aspects of human sexuality.
CFLE Approved
Degree Level
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Area(s) of Study
Child/Human Development and Family Science/Studies
Development (child, adolescent, human, gerontology, or family)
Early Childhood
Marriage and Family
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