Applied Developmental Science (Ph.D.)

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

The Applied Developmental Science Ph.D. program at Colorado State University offers graduate training in research and its applications to issues that affect the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities.

Students can enter the Applied Developmental Science program with a completed master’s degree or with a completed bachelor’s degree. Students entering with a bachelor’s will be required to complete a master’s in Human Development and Family Studies, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy or Prevention Science.

Program Highlights

  • Graduate students receive training in theories and empirical research on human development and family sciences from a lifespan and ecological perspective. Students develop the research skills to conduct both basic and applied research on human development.
  • Graduate students are given the opportunity to apply knowledge to real-world issues. Faculty and students are committed to translating research into evidence-based practice and finding psychological, interpersonal, and social solutions to current health challenges facing individuals, families, and communities.
  • Students benefit from the perspectives of multiple disciplines and an understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which people develop. Collaborative and cross-disciplinary research is strongly valued.
  • Students work closely with faculty mentors to pursue programs of research that are tailored to their individual interests and aspirations. Students become productive scholars in their own right and they are supported by our faculty to accomplish this goal. Scholarship is nurtured through intensive mentoring, seminars and colloquia, active research labs, and participation in professional meetings.

The majority of Ph.D. students are supported by teaching and research assistantships that cover tuition and provide a monthly stipend during the academic year.

Degree Level
Program Delivery
Area(s) of Study
Development (child, adolescent, human, gerontology, or family)
Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
Department Chair
Director of Graduate Studies