Family Life (B.A.)

Department of Family Life

Family rests at the heart of our identity, our psychology, and, in many ways, our well being. Yet, more and more families are becoming disconnected from each other. They are getting overwhelmed with new challenges, a changing culture, and an increasingly hostile climate.

Are you called to dedicate your life to strengthening the family unit? If so, this program will equip you to make a significant impact by showing how you can proactively educate your community to anticipate potential problems before they occur. This program will give you increased awareness of potential family issues, the capability to anticipate pitfalls, and the knowledge base to advise and educate. You will be prepared to work in a variety of hospital, church, agency, and other nonprofit settings. Most importantly, once you embark on your career, you will experience a deep satisfaction, knowing that your chosen profession truly helps others.

CFLE program approval has been discontinued effective 5/31/2022. CFLE coursework must be completed by 5/31/2022. Graduates may apply for CFLE through the CFLE-approved program process until 5/31/2024.

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Family Life Education
Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
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