Family Science 3+2 option (B.A. to M.A.)

Department of Psychology and Family Science

The 3+2 program allows high-performing students to have the ability to shorten their timeline for completion of a master’s degree. Admission to the 3+2 program requires: 1) Completion of 64 credits or an associate’s degree, 2) a 3.00 CGPA, 3) a written essay, and 4) an interview (telephone or in person) with the department. The undergraduate and graduate degrees will be conferred simultaneously upon conclusion of the master’s degree to ensure all student outcomes have been met. Interested students should contact the department or their academic advisor for specific information regarding the 3+2 program.

Degree Level
Program Delivery
Area(s) of Study
Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
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