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Department of Psychology
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The Psychology Department at Corban University helps students develop a Biblical understanding of psychological research and counseling therapy. It also serves to prepare students for graduate school. Students are given the ability to obtain employment in a psychology-related field.  

Program Overview
Program Administrator
Dr. Richard Myers (chair)
Campus Enrollment
Program Options
  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s
Areas of Study
  • Child or Adolescent Science/Studies - Undergraduate
  • Counseling (Child, Couples, or Family) - Master's
  • Family Science/Studies - Undergraduate
Department Address

5000 Deer Park
Salem, OR 97317
United States

Phone Number
Undergraduate Program
Undergrad Program Options
  • Youth & Family Studies
Undergrad Courses Offered
  • General Psychology
  • Communication Agency Counseling
  • Youth and Adolescent Pathology
  • Human Development I & II
  • Psychology and Christianity
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Psychology of Addiction
  • Practicum: Counseling Psychology I
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Counseling I & II
  • Practicum IV: Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Senior Seminar
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Internship
Undergrad Comments

In the Youth and Family Studies program students are helped to obtain employment in various agencies and institutions that assist youth and/or families. They are trained to utilize compassion, gifts, and talents in a lay ministry to churches and church-based organizations. Students are also coached in developing seminars, political interests, or programs that directly benefit youth and families.

Graduate Program
Graduate Accreditations/Approval
Master's Level
Masters Program Options
  • Counseling (M.A.)
Masters Comments

If you are looking for a Master of Arts in Counseling program that is approved by OBLPCT that will advance your career while building your Christian faith, Corban University has what you need. Corban's Master of Arts in Counseling offers you the latest in research and counseling techniques while building your biblical perspective.

CFLE Information

NCFR recognizes schools offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs with course work that follows the Standards and Criteria required for approval as a Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). NCFR approval allows the school to offer their graduates the opportunity to apply for Provisional Certification using the Abbreviated Application process. The CFLE Checklist represents the courses that meet the CFLE criteria at that school. Students must complete all the courses on a checklist in order to qualify to apply for the CFLE designation through the Abbreviated Application process.