Prevention Science (Ph.D.)

Department of Applied Human Sciences

The Department of Applied Human Sciences participates in the Ph.D. degree program awarded from the College of Health and Human Sciences with a specialization in Prevention Science in HDFS. The Ph.D. program in Prevention Science in HDFS provides students with the skills to teach, conduct research, and practice in the field. Graduates will be prepared to conduct high-impact research addressing issues and needs relevant to individual, family, and relationship health and well-being across the life course. Such research findings inform public policy, program development, and build the evidence base.

The Ph.D. program in Prevention Science requires a minimum of 90 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate, including coursework and research credits. Students who hold a master's degree may request transfer of up to 30 hours of that degree toward their doctoral degree. The number of hours accepted depends on the relevance of the course work to their doctoral degree. Students with a master's degree in an area different from that in which they intend to seek a doctoral degree should expect to transfer fewer than the maximum 30 hours allowed.

CFLE-approved program discontinued effective 09/01/2023. CFLE coursework must be completed by 09/01/2023. Graduates may apply for CFLE through the CFLE-approved program process until 09/01/2025.

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