Family Science (B.S.)

Department of Psychology & Family Science

As a discipline, Family Science is based on social sciences, which means you will take courses in research design, data analysis, and theory. This scientific background will help you understand how research, theory, and practice are related, and how you can apply this information to your work with families. You will also take courses in:

  • Family Resource Management — how families manage time, energy, money, space, and helping them to manage these resources better.
  • Human Growth and Development — changes and milestones that people go through as they age from womb to tomb; knowing what to expect as people get older allows us to help them prepare for such changes.
  • Family Policy — developing policies and programs to help families with issues such as child care, child abuse, aging, and then analyzing how these policies and programs impact families.
  • Family/Parent Education — preparation, presentation, and evaluation of educational programs designed to enhance quality of life for families and parents.
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Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
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