Family and Consumer Sciences (M.S.)

Department of Health & Human Development

The master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences is housed in the Department of Human Development and Community Health at Montana State University.  The master’s degree creates opportunities for students to develop a deeper and applied understanding of family and human development theory, research methods, and program planning and evaluation. The master’s degree is designed to accommodate students who wish to attend graduate school full-time (blended—face-to-face and online courses) and working professionals who require more flexibility (all online). This degree offers a thesis and non-thesis route. 

Master’s degrees create additional career opportunities for students. Many leadership positions in the human sciences require master’s preparation. Students completing this degree will have research methods and program planning/evaluation skills. This creates opportunities for students to take on leadership positions as project directors, program managers, or program evaluators for both public and non-profit human service entities. In terms of employment in higher education, with a master’s degree, graduates can qualify for adjunct or non-tenure track teaching opportunities. Graduates can also consider a career as a Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative Extension Agent. Obtaining advanced formal education can increase opportunities for job advancement at your current place of employment. 

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Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
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