Family Studies and Gerontology (M.A. or MFSGN)

Department of Family Studies & Gerontology

Our graduate programs in Family Studies and Gerontology program will help you develop a deep understanding of the key issues that affect this field: family dynamics and development, or individual and population aging.

You can focus your studies on Family Studies or on Gerontology. Family Studies considers individuals and families across the life-course, as well as the programs and policies that affect families. Gerontology focuses on issues related to aging and the challenges that older persons encounters.

We welcome international applicants to our graduate programs, and we encourage international applicants to apply as early as possible so that sufficient time is allocated for obtaining a student visa. Please visit our university’s International Education Centre for information about timelines for applying for study permits (student visas). For up-to-date visa processing times, please visit the Canada Immigration Processing Times Tool.

Program options: Thesis and non-thesis. You can choose from our thesis-based Master of Arts in Family Studies and Gerontology (MA FSGN) program and our applied (course-based) Master of Family Studies and Gerontology (MFSGN) program.

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Child/Human Development and Family Science/Studies
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