Family and Child Studies (B.S.)

Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Child Studies is a professional area of study that focuses on the family as a system of interacting persons. A student can choose one of two areas of emphasis in this major: Family Science or Child Science. The underlying assumption of the profession is that the family is the most basic unit in society. The more effective the family unit is in meeting the needs and goals of its members, the more society benefits by receiving contented, well adapted and productive citizens. The goal of professionals in FCS is to help families grow and develop in positive ways.

If you enjoy learning about and working with people, a major in Family and Child Science may be for you. Much of the knowledge you gain during your program of study has a double benefit. In addition to giving you professional preparation for a career, your studies are also directly applicable to improving the quality of your personal life. Students graduate from this program with skills appropriate for employment opportunities that directly serve society. They also gain skills to deal with some of the personal issues that confront all of us in daily living.

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Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
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