Educational Studies - Child and Family Contexts (B.A.)

Department of Family and Human Services

The educational studies major at Saint Mary's is a creative, unique partnership between the School of Education and the Sociology Department. This major prepares you to lead educational services in diverse and rapidly changing settings. You can choose between three concentrations: Adult Education Contexts; Child and Family Contexts; and Youth Development and Leadership. Study education theory and examine the processes involved in teaching and learning, emphasizing the social and cultural factors that impact education in and outside the classroom.

Child and Family Contexts Concentration: 

Gain exposure to various teaching and learning methods, while focusing on the larger contexts of schools, families, and society. Schools, families, and society interact in many ways that affect student learning and success. Receive extensive grounding in teaching methods for a wide range of academic subjects and will also gain insights into the important roles that families and societal conditions have on schools and learners.

Career Options: 

Students with an educational studies major typically find careers in the area of social and behavioral sciences, educational policy, or education law or policy. They may teach in settings not requiring state licensing (e.g., adult basic or adult ELL education, community education, environmental or outdoor education, Head Start, long-term volunteering, Montessori or Waldorf training, museum education, religious education, and youth leadership). An educational studies major also prepares students to complete graduate studies in education or related fields.

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Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
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