Child & Adolescent Development (B.A.)

Department of Child & Adolescent Development

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development (CAD) is for students who are interested in studying and working with children, adolescents, and their families. The major provides students with knowledge and theories about children and adolescents from a developmental perspective. Students then learn to apply this knowledge to programs, services, and policies for children, youth, and families that are offered in community settings and classrooms. The core courses address professional roles and careers, theories of child and adolescent development, diverse families in a globalized context, action research methods, policy and advocacy, and applied advanced developmental science.

In addition to taking core courses, CAD majors select one out of three specialized concentrations that reflects their specific interest. Those concentrations are: Early Childhood; School Age Child and Family; and Youth Work and Out of School.

Degree Level
Program Delivery
Area(s) of Study
Development (child, adolescent, human, gerontology, or family)
Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities (WSCUC)
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