Human Development and Family Science (B.S.)

Norton School of Human Ecology

The Human Development and Family Science program at the University of Arizona provides a multidimensional approach to understanding human behavior and relationships from psychological, social, cultural, and biological perspectives. You will build interpersonal skills and learn how to apply your knowledge in a career or graduate program in fields including social work, counseling, nursing, occupational therapy, human resources, child/youth program management, non-profit family support organizations, and other social service and healthcare programs.

In the HDFS program, you will explore topics like adolescence, child development, family relationships, mental health, counseling, youth programs, and more. You will partner with faculty that have firsthand experience working with families and individuals in many contexts. Our program has an excellent network of community agencies and programs that provide internship opportunities and hands-on learning for our students to apply what they learn in real-world settings.

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Child/Human Development and Family Science/Studies
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