University of Cincinnati

Department of Sociology
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We are a general sociology department with a concentrations "Urban Inequality" and in "Family and Health." Most of our faculty's research and teaching interests concern issues connected to these two areas. The department houses the Kunz Center for Social Research, a research center for faculty as well as a training facility for graduate students. All students also receive a well-rounded general education in the field of sociology.

Program Overview
Program Administrator
Dr. Steven Carlton-Ford
Department Emphasis
  • 30% General Sociology
  • 20% Child/Human Development
  • 20% Work & Labor
  • 20% Race and Gender
  • 10% Family Studies
Campus Enrollment
Program Options
  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral
Areas of Study
  • Family Science/Studies - Doctoral
  • Family Science/Studies - Master's
  • Family Science/Studies - Undergraduate
Department Address

P.O. Box 210378
Cincinnati, OH 45221-4700
United States

Phone Number
Undergraduate Program
Undergraduate Director
Dr. Gerald Reid
Undergrad Program Options
  • Sociology
Undergrad Courses Offered
  • Sociology of Education
  • Youth and Society
  • Current Family Issues
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Race, Class, and Gender
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Mena and Masculinity
  • Sociology of Sex
  • Women in the World
  • Sociology of the Family
  • Sociology of the Black Family
  • Reproductive Justice
Undergrad Comments

Like students who graduate with other liberal arts majors, graduates with a BA in sociology are prepared for many different career options. While the skills and interests of a sociology major could lead to careers in market research, social research, or career counseling, the skills of analysis, research, reading and writing that a student majoring in sociology acquires are highly valued in a wide range of business positions. Sociology is also a preferred major of many students planning professional careers in law, the ministry and medical services.

Graduate Program
Graduate Director
Dr. Jeffrey M. Timberlake
Graduate Courses Offered
  • Sociology of Families
  • Sociology of the Black Family
  • Family Demography
  • Gender and Globalization
  • Seminar on Gender
  • Gender, Sexualities, and Families
  • Gender, Work, and Family
Master's Level
Masters Program Options
  • Sociology
Masters Comments

We offer a one-year MA program designed both to give practitioners credentials to be used in their current jobs and for students preparing for a doctoral program. The program provides training for middle-level research positions and for various kinds of community service and action. Training centers on the field's core, with special attention given to basic theory, methodology, and the major empirical findings in sociology. The goal is to help students develop expertise in core areas of the discipline, become familiar with sociological methods, theory, and findings and prepare to become a professional specialist.

Doctoral Level
Doctoral Program Options
  • Sociology
Doctoral Comments

The PhD program is designed to prepare individuals for professional careers in research and in college teaching. At this level, a background in theory and methods is expected. In addition, students are encouraged to acquire knowledge and skills at a high level in one or more specialties within sociology. Through coursework, general and specialty preliminary exams, the dissertation, and teaching experience, PhD students develop the necessary expertise to compete in the academic, public, non-profit, or for-profit sectors. 

CFLE Information

NCFR recognizes schools offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs with course work that follows the Standards and Criteria required for approval as a Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). NCFR approval allows the school to offer their graduates the opportunity to apply for Provisional Certification using the Abbreviated Application process. The CFLE Checklist represents the courses that meet the CFLE criteria at that school. Students must complete all the courses on a checklist in order to qualify to apply for the CFLE designation through the Abbreviated Application process.