Global Family Health and Wellbeing (Ph.D.)

Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

The doctoral program in Global Family Health and Wellbeing prepares doctoral level professionals to:

  1. Improve outcomes for families around the world through scholarship, research, outreach, and advances in clinical practice, and
  2. Advance international perspectives of family, couple and individual health and well being (including physical, emotional, psychological and relational health)

Graduates of the program will:

  • Work in research, instructional, administrative, supervisory, and/or clinical position in universities, private and public research firms, NGOs, and other entities whose missions include advancing international and holistic perspectives of family wellness.
  • Start and administer international programs.
  • Possess skills to address modern threats to child and family wellbeing around the world through evidence based research and practice.
  • Focus on the most vulnerable, underserved populations  
  • Identify ways to foster resilience in disadvantaged and/or vulnerable communities.
  • Be leaders in how to conduct research in an international context.
  • Have skills for creating connections among academic, government, and non-government entities to advance scholarship and practice within cultural contexts around the world, recognizing that multidisciplinary collaborations produce the greatest impact.
  • Increase understanding of how global issues impact on family health.
  • Teach and train the next generation of family scientists and Marriage and Family Therapists for global citizenry that has a positive impact on family wellbeing around the world. 
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Family Science / Studies / Relations / Ecology / Services
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