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The Human Development and Family Studies mission is to promote the health and well-being of individuals and families through research, teaching and service.  Programs emphasize both theoretical and practical knowledge about development across the lifespan, family dynamics, teacher and parent education, and prevention and intervention programs that aid individuals and families. The department is committed to embracing diversity, providing educational environments that stress excellence and innovation, and developing exemplary programs and research to serve students, professionals and the larger community.

Program Overview
Program Administrator
Dr. Corinna J. Tucker
Department Emphasis
  • 60% Family Science
  • 30% Human Development
  • 10% Family Therapy
Campus Enrollment
Program Options
  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s
Areas of Study
  • Child or Adolescent Science/Studies - Master's
  • Development (Child, Human, or Family) - Undergraduate
  • Early Childhood - Master's
  • Therapy (Couples, Marriage, or Family) - Master's
Department Address

55 College Road
Pettee Hall Room 218
Durham, NH 03824
United States

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Undergraduate Program
Undergrad Program Options
  • Family Support/Provisional CFLE
  • Lifespan Development
  • Child Development/P-3 Early Childhood Education Teacher Preparation Program
Undergrad Courses Offered
  • Human Development
  • intimate Relationships and Families
  • Personal and Family Finance for Family Life Professionals
  • Introduction to Child Life
  • Child Study and Development Center Field Experience
  • Developmental Perspectives on Infancy and Early Childhood
  • Developmental Perspectives on Adolescence and Early Adulthood
  • Adult Development and Aging
  • Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Settings
  • Parenting Across the Life Span
  • Independent Study
  • Special Topics
  • Practicum
  • Advanced Child Development Practicum
  • Supervising Programs for Young Children
  • Curriculum for Young Children
  • Families, Schools, and Community
  • Human Sexuality
  • Race, Class, Gender, and Families
  • Family Programs and Policies
  • Observation and Assessment of Young Children
  • Family Internship
  • Seminar for Student Teachers
  • Student Teaching Young Children
  • Family Internship Seminar
  • Families and the Law
  • Advanced Special Topics
  • Honors Senior Thesis
  • Children, Adolescents, and the Law
Undergrad Accreditations/Approval
Undergrad Comments

The Family Support/Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) specialization is for students interested in working with children, adolescents, and adults either as individuals or as families. Students may apply for provisional CFLE designation to the National Council on Family Relations upon completion of required coursework. The Lifespan Development Specialization is designed to be broad enough for those expecting to attend graduate school. The Child Development Specialization has three major emphases - knowledge and understanding of children's developmental trajectories, developmentally appropriate curriculum and socio-constructivist teaching methodologies, and home-school-community relations.

Graduate Program
Graduate Director
Dr. Corinna Tucker
Graduate Courses Offered
  • Practicum
  • Child and Family Center Internship
  • Child Study and Development Center Internship
  • Supervising Programs for Young Children
  • Curriculum for Young Children
  • Marital and Family Therapy
  • Families, Schools, and Community
  • Human Sexuality
  • Race, Class, Gender, and Families
  • Family Programs and Policies
  • Observation and Assessment of Young Children
  • Children, Adolescents, and the Law
  • Families and the Law
  • Special Topics
  • Marriage and Family Therapy Practicum
  • Master's Thesis
  • Graduate Internship
  • Child Development in Context
  • Advanced Systems of Marital and Family Therapy
  • Family Therapy Practice I
  • Critical Problems in Family Life
  • Family Therapy Practice II
  • Contemporary Issues in Adolescent Development
  • Clinical Interventions in Couples Therapy
  • Human Sexuality, the Treatment of Sexual Problems, and the Clinical Applications of Sex Therapy
  • Professional Issues for Family Specialists
  • Theoretical Approaches to Family Studies
  • Research Seminar
  • Seminar and Special Problems
  • Advanced Research Seminar
Graduate Accreditations/Approval
Master's Level
Masters Program Options
  • Certificate in Adolescent Development
  • Adolescent Development
  • Child Development
  • Marriage & Family Therapy
Masters Comments

Students with a M.S. in Human Development and Family Studies are prepared to work or conduct research in a variety of family service, educational, clinical, or agency settings. Special Resources: Child Study and Development Center, a state-of-the-art laboratory school. The seven classrooms in the center are equipped with observation booths to facilitate research on children in natural settings. The UNH Marriage and Family Therapy Center, the only clinical facility in the seacoast NH region exclusively dedicated to training marriage and family therapists.

CFLE Information

NCFR recognizes schools offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs with course work that follows the Standards and Criteria required for approval as a Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). NCFR approval allows the school to offer their graduates the opportunity to apply for Provisional Certification using the Abbreviated Application process. The CFLE Checklist represents the courses that meet the CFLE criteria at that school. Students must complete all the courses on a checklist in order to qualify to apply for the CFLE designation through the Abbreviated Application process.

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CFLE Contact
Dr. Corinna Tucker
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