Human Development and Social Policy (M.S.)

Department of Family & Consumer Studies

The Department of Family and Consumer Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to Human Development and Social Policy.

Important societal challenges cannot be understood or solved by relying on one traditional academic discipline. Issues like healthy child development, safe neighborhoods, or poverty alleviation, require combined disciplinary strengths. With this approach, faculty can focus on families and communities in natural settings, and addresses policies or practices that are important to quality of life.

The Human Development and Social Policy program offers the following strengths:

  • Faculty represent many disciplines--human development and family studies, economics, sociology, demography, planning, and psychology--to allow students to benefit from a broad curriculum
  • Faculty work in collaborative groups to develop curriculum, research, and policies to formulate solutions to today's societal challenges
  • Faculty have won university-wide awards in the areas of teaching, research, and service
  • Our faculty exceed the average of our peer institutions in terms of academic productivity for journal articles, grants, and books authored.
  • Our graduate students compete successfully for a diverse array of financial support awards
  • Our graduate students have pursued academic or applied careers that enable them to focus on quality of life improvements for individuals, consumers, families, and communities
  • Advanced graduate students have opportunities to teach courses in the department and some have become some of our best long-term instructors


Degree Level
Program Delivery
Area(s) of Study
Development (child, adolescent, human, gerontology, or family)
Family Policy
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)
Department Chair
Director of Graduate Studies