Dyadic Data Analysis Workshop

For Faculty, Professionals, and Graduate Students
June 17, 2019 9:00am - June 21, 2019 12:00pm
Michigan State University; East Lansing, Michigan

A dyadic data analysis workshop for faculty, professionals, and advanced graduate students in the social sciences is planned for July 17-21, 2019, at Michigan State University.

From the workshop website:

"The workshop will focus on analyses for data in which both members of a dyad are measured on the same set of variables. Topics to be addressed include the measurement of nonindependence, the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model, the analysis of distinguishable and indistinguishable dyads, and the analysis of over-time dyadic data (e.g., dyadic growth curve models). The software package used in the workshop will be SPSS. Although the workshop does not require any prior knowledge or experience with multilevel modeling (a basic introduction to this analytic approach will be included during the workshop), participants are expected to have a working knowledge of multiple regression and analysis of variance, as well as SPSS."

See the workshop website for more details.