Introduction to Odds Ratio

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September 23, 2021 11:00am - 12:30pm
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Chelsea Spencer, Ph.D., LMFT
Presenter: Chelsea Spencer, Ph.D., LMFT

Odds ratio are a statistical technique used to interpret the likelihood of something occurring with a group. Specifically, this method helps explain the strength of the association between exposure and an outcome. In medical literature, this method is used to understand the likelihood of a disease or disorder occurring. In Family Science, this method has been used to understand the outcome of a preventive approach or impact of an external factor upon a family. 

This webinar will provide attendees with a stronger understanding of the benefits and limitations of using odds ratio to answer research questions, as well as provide a variety of examples of when to use a odds ratio. Specifically, participants will learn how and when to use an odds ratio, when to use an adjusted odds ratio, how to interpret odds ratio, and how to calculate odds ratio by hand, as well as in a statistical software (primarily in SPSS, but additional resources will be provided for STATA and MPLUS). This webinar is a great way to build confidence in running odds ratio as well as refresh and enhance existing skills.

Overall, attendees will leave this webinar with the ability to:

  • Assess the benefits and limitations of calculating odds ratios
  • Determine when to use odds ratios with Family Science research questions
  • Run odds ratios during and after the webinar
  • Interpret the results of a odds ratio to answer a variety of research questions

Approved for 1.5 hours of CFLE continuing education credit.

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This webinar is part of the multi-year NCFR series Quantitative Methods: Learning and Practicing Beginner to Advanced Skills


About the Presenter

Chelsea M. Spencer, Ph.D., is a research assistant professor at Kansas State University in the couple and family therapy program. Dr. Spencer studies intimate partner violence, intimate partner homicide, and sexual violence. She is currently funded by the Department of Defense and the United States Air Force to conduct research in violence prevention and intervention efforts. She specializes in quantitative methods and is passionate about teaching statistics in a relatable, engaging manner that promotes confidence.

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