Reviewing NCFR Conference Proposals

March 10, 2023
Free Recorded Webinar

In this webcast recording, Dr. Karen S. Myers-Bowman and Cindy Winter take you step-by-step through the components of a conference proposal and how to review the submission for the NCFR annual conference. In addition to reviewing each section of a proposal and how to strengthen it, she explains the overall process, provides direction about how to manage the project, and gives examples of successful proposals (see links below).

Faculty, we encourage you to consider using this resource with your students so they can learn the procedures of how to review conference proposals.

2023 Reviewer Instructions.pdf


Watch individual segments

  1. Introduction and Review the Call for Proposals
  2. Examine the Scoring Rubric
  3. Read the Proposals
  4. Score the Proposals using the Rubric
  5. Comments for Authors
  6. Comments to Section Chair
  7. Review the Review and Final Thoughts
  8. Introduction to Oxford (video found below)