Understanding NCFR Conference Session Formats

October 25, 2017
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Seasoned NCFR conference presenters share their advice on how to prepare for the different types of conference presentations and roles including presenting posters, papers, interactive papers, symposia, and how to be an effective discussant or facilitator.

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Making the Most of Your NCFR Conference: A Guide for Students and New Professionals

Presenter: Katie M. Barrow, Ph.D., CFLE and Jessica N.Fish, Ph.D.

  1. Introduction
  2. Poster Presentations
  3. Paper Presentations
  4. Other Ways to Get Involved: Volunteer, Presider, Facilitator, or Discussant
  5. Helpful Hints and Resources for Newcomers

How to Be an Effective Discussant

Presenter: Megan Haselschwerdt, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville



General Tips for Facilitators

Presenter: Claire Kamp Dush, Ph.D., Ohio State University


Surviving the Lightning Paper Session: PowerPoint "How To's"

Presented by Zach Giano, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University