Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships Through Online and In-Person Parent Education

August 27, 2020 11:00am - 12:00pm
Free, open to all
Online Webcast

Heather Cline
Heather Cline, Ph.D.

Have you, as a parent educator, observed a parent repeat old patterns contradictory to what you have taught them? This webcast is your opportunity to identify and target the root of a problem. Learn how to design online and in-person learning environments to promote parental awareness and conceptual change.

Presenter Heather Cline, Ph.D., will teach parent educators to design an online or in-person learning environment to support parents in examining and shifting their beliefs and perspectives which guide their parenting behaviors and interactions.

By attending this webcast, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how parents’ beliefs and perspectives influence their parenting behavior.
  • Design your learning environment to intentionally support parents to shift their beliefs and perspectives.
  • Facilitate parent development to strengthen parent-child interaction.

This webcast will use the Reflective Dialogue Parent Education Design (RDPED) as an example of how to promote conceptual change to support shifting the level of parental awareness, a cognitive-developmental theory developed by Caroline Newberger (1980). Throughout this presentation, Dr. Cline will guide you in translating this approach to your own unique work with parents, both virtually and in-person.

Approved for 1 hour of CFLE continuing education credit

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About the Presenter

Heather Cline, Ph.D., is the founder of Training+U LLC, a professional development company created to support the Reflective Dialogue Parent Education Design (RDPED). For more than a decade, Dr. Cline has been training parent educators on the RDPED through graduate courses as well as local, national, and international workshops. In addition to her work on the RDPED, Heather is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota where she teaches parent and family education in the department of Family Social Science.

On-Demand Webinar Recording

A recording of the webinar will be available on this page shortly after the live event to watch at your convenience.