Chapter 28: Developing a World-Class Portfolio for the Family Life Educator

by Melinda Stafford Markham, Yolanda T. Mitchell, and Jaimee L. Hartenstein

Article: The Career Portfolio: A Practical Job Search Tool

Woodbury, D., Addams, L., & Neal, W. (2009). The career portfolio: A practical job search tool. Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 6, 7–14.

In this article the authors discuss the career portfolio as a way for students to market themselves. Answers are provided to the common questions students have when creating their career portfolio. The article breaks down the portfolio development process, beginning with what a career portfolio is to what documents and materials should be included. The authors also discuss why an electronic portfolio should be considered as well as the advantages of the use of an electronic portfolio. Example dialogue is provided between a faculty member and student in the various areas discussed throughout the article to help communicate to students the various aspects of developing a career portfolio.

Article: Open Source ePortfolio: Development and Implementation of an Institution-Wide Electronic Portfolio Platform for Students

Meeus, W., Questier, F., & Derks, T. (2006). Open source e-portfolio: Development and implementation of an institution-wide electronic portfolio platform for students. Educational Media International, 43, 133–145. doi:10.1080/09523980600641148

This article provides an overview of how portfolios are used in education as well as the development of a generic, institution-wide portfolio for students. A summary and analysis of the educational principles underlying the use of portfolios in higher education are provided, along with an overview of portfolio initiatives currently used at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium. Also discussed are future development, flexibility, and the possibility of linking the portfolio to other projects. The article concludes with a description of the portfolio system at its present stage of development, together with an exploration of the future possibilities of electronic portfolios. This article may be useful to instructors when trying to determine how to develop and incorporate portfolios into their program.

Article: Portfolios in Family Science: A Template for Integrating Family Life Education

Mitchell, Y. T., Hartenstein, J. L., Markham, M. S., & Bernard, D. L. (2014). Portfolios in family science: A template for integrating family life education. Family Science Review, 19, 37–55.

In this article the authors describe a heuristic study that examined instructors' experiences working with portfolios. A Family Life Education Portfolio Template and Guide, based on the experiences of the instructors and their observations of student development of portfolios, are presented. The Family Life Education Portfolio Template and Guide would be useful to instructors interested in developing portfolios and incorporating them into their classrooms and programs. The template can be used to provide a structure for a portfolio, and the guide provides suggestions as to how the portfolio should be introduced and discussed with the students to optimize student buy-in, preparation for the future, formal understanding of learning, application, and portfolio completion.

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