Chapter 29: Social Media and the Family Life Educator

by Jason DeBoer-Moran

Book: Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Godin, S. (2008). Tribes: We need you to lead us. London: Portfolio.

No excursion into the topic of marketing is complete without a reference to Seth Godin. Seth's work in tribes, though not specifically related to a form of social media, examines how the Internet has expanded humanity's innate desires to collect around ideas to form a community. Understanding this desire can help the subject matter expert identify opportunities to gather a group of interested people around topics to grow in knowledge and share understandings.

Book: The Whuffie Factor

Hunt, T. (2009). The whuffie factor. New York, NY: Crown.

The Whuffie Factor provides an exceptional look into the exchange of social capital through social media. It came out as Twitter began to hit its stride for business use and helps draw attention to the importance of being human and communicating in a personal voice as opposed to corporate voice. This is not a technical manual; it includes excellent case studies that have laid the groundwork for discussion related to how people successfully use social media to grow businesses and relationships.

WordPress is the definitive blogging platform used by individuals and corporations alike. You can create a site at WordPress for free and, for a modest cost, you can upgrade to include a custom domain. I would advise starting with the free version to determine whether you are ready to take on the responsibility of maintaining a blog. As you grow in confidence and capabilities, expanding to include a custom domain or design may be worthwhile. WordPress also allows for a custom installation for free on a web host of your choice. With the right know-how, it is possible to accomplish this at minimal cost.

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