Classroom Use Request

Classroom and departmental use licenses allow the faculty member to share the video in class or embed the video in their online learning management system. Departmental-use licenses allow more than one faculty member to use the webinar in their class. We request that links or downloads are not shared with students.

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License Option
$141 for NCFR members; $215 for nonmembers
$194 for NCFR members; $341 for nonmembers
Describe the type of license you're looking for
Standard pricing listed for one 60-to-90 minute recording. Certain webinars (such as webinar series and longer programs) may vary.
Please let us know by what date you need your recording. It will take at least five business days after payment is received to process order.
Your NCFR ID # can be found here. For CFLE-approved programs, your NCFR ID# can be found on the CFLE-approved program certificate or in the approval letter.


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