Family Relations Call for Papers

  • Do you have an article that is original, innovative, or interdisciplinary?
  • Does the information focus on advancing Family Science by presenting new information in practice or discovery research?
  • Is the focus on family or family-related issues, whether through empirical research, application, or policy?
  • Does the information have implications for Family Science researchers and practitioners?
  • Do you have Brief Reports to share that advances Family Science by presenting innovative, emerging ideas—whether it is discovery research or practice based?

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” we invite you to submit your manuscript to Family Relations.

The Family Relations audience includes those conducting research in Family Science; those translating Family Science research between practice and discovery-based research or research to practice; Family Life Educators and those teaching Family Science; and Family Science researchers and practitioners working in the area of family policy. Appropriate articles include empirically based applied research; critical syntheses or relevant substantive areas; program evaluations; and educational philosophy, practice, and programming.  


Submit your manuscript on the Manuscript Central webpage for Family Relations.

Also, we are interested in proposals for special collections. For general information regarding manuscript format and other issues, email Wendy Middlemiss, Ph.D., CFLE, Editor.