The National Council on Family Relations, founded in 1938, is the oldest nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary professional association focused solely on family research, practice, and education.

Who Are NCFR's Members?

NCFR members are professionals dedicated to understanding and strengthening families. Our members come from more than 35 countries and all 50 U.S. states, and include: researchers, demographers, marriage and family therapists, parent/family educators, university faculty, students, social workers, public health workers, extension specialists and faculty, ECFE teachers, clergy, counselors, K-12 teachers, and more.

NCFR's Work

Publishing Scholarly Journals

NCFR publishes three international scholarly journals: Journal of Marriage and FamilyFamily Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science, and Journal of Family Theory & Review. We also produce other publications and products to support the work of family scholars and professionals.

Organizing an Annual Conference

NCFR sponsors an international annual conference of juried, cutting-edge research papers, methods, and practices, including research updates for practitioners sessions, and presentation of best practices in the field.

Promoting Family Life Education

NCFR established and administers the internationally recognized Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential. Approximately 125 college and university Family Science degree programs in the U.S. and Canada use NCFR's Family Life Education curriculum standards as guidelines for their undergraduate and graduate students.

Fostering Dialogue Among Family Scholars and Professionals

NCFR fosters dialogue through Internet interactions, state and regional affiliates, special interest sections within NCFR, focus groups, and via our NCFR Report magazine and the CFLE Network newsletter.

Educating About Public Policy

NCFR researchers and educators interpret and disseminate information on families to inform legislators and other decisionmakers about the possible effects of policy on families. Please read NCFR's statement on policy for more information.

NCFR is self funded through membership dues, academic journal revenues, Certified Family Life Educator fees, and educational program registration fees. NCFR also accepts donations from members and from the public.

NCFR Annual Reports

NCFR's Standards for Ethics and Conduct

NCFR has set ethical guidelines and standards for conduct for Family Scientists, Certified Family Life Educators, NCFR's journals, and the NCFR Annual Conference. See the guidelines and standards.