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Marital & Family Therapy Program
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Western Seminary offers the Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy. The program is 73 semester units. Courses in marital and family therapy comprise 60 units. While Bible,Theology and Spiritual Formation comprise the remaining 13 units. The program meets all of the necessary requirements for licensure in the State of California. The program is thoroughly grounded in a biblical worldview. Based on the Seminary's Christ-centered approach, theological reflection and spirituality are viewed as significant components in the therapeutic process. In particular, the Seminary underscores the necessity for a healthy sense of self and wholeness in Christ as vital for those desiring to counsel others in the ministry of family therapy. Students are also required to complete 20 hours of their own therapy while in the program. The program combines theoretical constructs with practical application both within the personal lives of students as well as in their future professional work.

Program Overview
Program Administrator
Dr. Beverly Wiens, Ph.D, MFT
Department Emphasis
  • 30% Family Science
  • 35% Family Therapy
  • 15% Bible & Theology
  • 10% Human Development
  • 10% Spiritual Formation
Campus Enrollment
Program Options
  • Master’s
Areas of Study
  • Therapy (Couples, Marriage, or Family) - Master's
Department Address

290 Technology Way
Rocklin, CA 95765
United States

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Graduate Program
Graduate Director
Dr. Beverly J. Wiens
Graduate Courses Offered
  • Learning to Interpret Scripture
  • Survey Genesis- 2 Samuel
  • Survey I Kings- Song of Solomon
  • Survey Prophet
  • Survey Gospels
  • Interpreting NT 2: Epistles I
  • Interpreting NT 2: Epistles II
  • Theology I
  • Theology II
  • Theology III
  • Clinical Foundations
  • Psychological Theory and Techniques
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Psychotherapeutic Systems
  • Psychopathology
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Human Life Span Development
  • Introduction fo Integrative Issues
  • Advanced Integration
  • Marriage and Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Social and Cultural Foundations
  • Research in Counseling and Family Studies
  • Child and Adolescent Therapy
  • Counseling Addiction
  • Counseling Violence and Abuse Issues
  • Human Sexuality
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Counseling Practicum I, II and III
  • Spiritual Development and Assessment
  • Career and Lifestyle Development
  • Tests and Measurements
  • Human Services
  • Emergency Preparedness: Crisis Management
Master's Level
Masters Program Options
  • Marital & Family Therapy
Masters Comments

The program is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities and ATS (Association of Theological Schools). It meets all California requirements for licensure as a Marital and Family Therapist and leads to licensure as a Professional Clinical Counselor. The program is designed to integrate Biblical truths with solid clinical training. We are dedicated to students' spiritual and emotional growth as well as training to become competent therapists.

CFLE Information

NCFR recognizes schools offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs with course work that follows the Standards and Criteria required for approval as a Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). NCFR approval allows the school to offer their graduates the opportunity to apply for Provisional Certification using the Abbreviated Application process. The CFLE Checklist represents the courses that meet the CFLE criteria at that school. Students must complete all the courses on a checklist in order to qualify to apply for the CFLE designation through the Abbreviated Application process.