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Poster Symposia: Pregnancy and Parenting in Young Mothers; Effective Approaches to Support Families Across the Lifespan
11:30 AM
1:00 PM
Grand Ballroom C
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Pregnancy and Parenting in Young Mothers

  • 130-01 FH - Does prenatal attachment mediate the relationship between pregnancy intentions and postpartum depression?
    By Tiffany Spierling, Karina Shreffler
  • 130-02 FH - Parental Factors as Predictors of Dating Violence among Adolescent Parents
    By Lara Hoss, Michelle Toews, Eric Goodcase, Norma Perez-Brena, Mark Feinberg
  • 130-03 FH - Caring for Toddlers: Parents’ Experiences, Desires, and Satisfaction
    By Darcey Powell, Riker Lawrence, Katherine Karraker

Facilitator: Karina Shreffler


Poster Symposium: Effective Approaches to Support Families Across the Lifespan

  • 130-05 EE - Considering Community: Examining Fatherhood Program Participants' Outcomes
    By Ami Landers, Erin Cooper, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Julianne McGill, Alexander Chan
  • 130-06 EE - Cultural Competency Practice for Couples Education: Applications For Arab-Americans
    By Sarah Almalki, Chelsea Garneau-Rosner
  • 130-07 EE - Muslim Perceptions of Relationship Education: A Survey Study
    By Zoha Qureshi, Brandon Burr
  • 130-08 EE - 6-Month Post-Assessment of Couples Workshop Delivered via Interactive Conferencing
    By David Law, Rachel Arocho, Sheree Meyer, Latrisha Fall, Kimra Ross
  • 130-09 EE - A Domains Theory of Financial Socialization
    By Clinton Gudmunson, Sara Ray
  • 130-10 EE - Perceived Financial Influences and Young Adults’ Life Outcomes
    By Melissa Curran, Joyce Serido, Sunyoung Ahn, Emily Parrott
  • 130-11 EE - Daily Fluctuations in Financial Satisfaction and Stress: Associations With Relationship Satisfaction
    By Casey Totenhagen, Melissa Wilmarth, Joyce Serido
  • 130-12 EE - Promoting Financial Well-being Among Military Families
    By Zihui Lu, Rhiannon Williams, Adeya Richmond, Amy Gunty, Lynne Borden

    Facilitator: Yolanda Mitchell

Posters: Education Throughout the Lifecourse

  • 130-13 AFS - Professionalization of the CFLE Credential: Academic and Practitioner Task Data
    By Scott Tobias, Amy Kelly
  • 130-14 FH - Tots, teens, parents and screens – recommendations and resources for Family Life Educators
    By Drew Betz
  • 130-15 FP - Creating Safer School Communities for Youth: Improving School Climate through LGBTQ-Focused Policies
    By Jack Day, Stephen Russell
  • 130-16 AFS - Stress and Relationships on College Students’ GPA and Dropout Intentions
    By Denzel Jones, Austin Beck, Loren Taylor, Amber Vennum
  • 130-17 FH - Differential program effects of a parenting program: Who benefits most?
    By Jacqueline Miller, Kay Bradford, Brian Higginbotham
  • 130-18 FH - Examining RE, Emotional Distress, and Cardiovascular Disease
    By Andrew Daire, Xun Liu
  • 130-19 FH - Increasing Retention Rates in Distance Learning Environments
    By Juliet Bradley
  • 130-20 AFS - Graphic Representations of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Framework
    By Lawrence Shelton


Posters: Early Educational Programs Helping Families and Young Children

  • 130-21A EE - (MOVED FROM SATURDAY, 8:00AM, SESSION #401-68) Classroom Gender Composition in the Context of Youth Relationship Education
    By Alexander Chan, Kate Taylor Harcourt, Francesca Adler-Baeder
  • 130-22 EE - Enhancement of Early Head Start Service Delivery to Address Childhood Obesity
    By Sukheep Gill, Robert Nix
  • 130-23 EE - A Qualitative Study of Teacher Perspectives on the Gearing Up for Kindergarten Program
    By Divya Saxena, Sean Brotherson
  • 130-24 EE - “What do you need?” Head Start Parents’ and Teachers’ Views on Collaboration
    By Stephanie Moore, Robin Jarrett
  • 130-25 EE - Exploring Patterns in Item-Level PPVT-4 Data from Low SES African American Children
    By Kathryn Bojczyk, Heather Haverback, Hye Pae, Howard Goldstein

Posters: Marriage

  • 130-26 RT - The Moderating Effects of Emotion Regulation on Conflict, Wellbeing and Marital Type
    By Nick Frye-Cox, Lawrence Ganong, Marilyn Coleman
  • 130-27 RT - Saying “I Do” in College: Examining Marital Status and Academic Performance
    By Selena Beard, Michael Langlais
  • 130-28 RT - How Partner Needs at the End of the Day Influence Romantic Relationship Outcomes: Applying the Actor-partner Interdependence Model to Partner Processes
    By Daniel Hubler, Matthew Lefthand, Brandon Burr, Nathan Cottle, Chloe Merrill, Ashley Vandenberg
  • 130-29 RT - Personality Similarity and Marital Quality in Later Life
    By Shuangshuang Wang, Kyungmin Kim, Kathrin Boerner
  • 130-30 FH - Relationship Quality, Physical Activity, and Psychiatric Diagnoses
    By Kasey Longley, Joseph Grzywacz

​​​​​​​Posters: Transition to Parenthood

  • 130-31 FH - Family Matters: The Lasting Consequences of Early Marital Relations on Children’s Development
    By Alexandrea L. Craft, Maureen Perry-Jenkins
  • 130-32 FH - Coparenting Mediates Relations between Gatekeeping and Dyadic Adjustment
    By Anna Olsavsky, Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, Claire Kamp Dush
  • 130-33 FH - Coparenting Support, Work-Family Balance, and New Parents' Mental Health
    By Miranda Berrigan, Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, Claire Kamp Dush
  • 130-34 FP - Family Support and Child Behavioral Problems among Low-Income Families
    By Emily Reilly, Rachel Herman, Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Jennifer M. McDermott
  • 130-35 FH - Paternal Depression and Child Outcomes: The Case of Working-Class Families
    By Sameera Chippada, Rachel Herman, Maureen Perry-Jenkins
  • 130-36 FH - Links Between Pregnancy Intention and Relationship Outcomes Among Low-Income Women Transitioning to Parenthood
    By Ellen Yang, Hillary Halpern, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

​​​​​​​Posters: Parent-Child Relationships

  • 130-37 RT - Mothers’ Lingering Attachment for the Ex-spouse: The Impact on Children’s Behavior Problems
    By Jacqueline DeAnda, Michael Langlais, Shannon Greene, Edward Anderson
  • 130-38 RT - How Do Attachment Styles Change From Childhood Through Adolescence? Findings from an Accelerated Longitudinal Cohort Study
    By Jaclyn Theisen, Chris Fraley, Benjamin Hankin, Jami Young, William Chopik
  • 130-39 RT - Contributions to Children’s Literacy: Focus on Parenting and Family Risk
    By Mark Morgan, Amy Root, Kristin Moilanen
  • 130-40 RT - Intergenerational Closeness with Mothers: Associations with Parenting Efficacy
    By Jennifer Doty
  • 130-41 RT - Expressions of Parental Love from Parents and their Young Children
    By Allen Sabey, Amy Rauer, Megan Haselschwerdt
  • 130-42 FH - The Emotional Basis of Aversive Parenting
    By Justin K Scott, Theodore Dix
  • 130-43 FH - Parent-young Adult Relationship Qualities, Support, and Family Well-being
    By Diana Coyl-Shepherd, Hailey Sherman, Lisa Newland
  • 130-44 FH - Promoting Child Involvement in Food Decision-Making for School-Aged Youth
    By Carolyn Sutter, Lenna L. Ontai, Jennifer C. Taylor, Adrienne Nishina
  • 130-45 FH - Investigating effective parent-child sexual communication
    By Stephanie Kingston, Kathryn Malcom, Scott Ronis
  • 130-46 FH - The Conceptualization of the Definition of Health by Contemporary Adolescent-Parent Triads
    By Dawn Tarabochia, Kathryn DesLauriers, J. Mitchell Vaterlaus, Bryant O'Leary
  • 130-47 RT - Goal-Corrected Partnerships: Parent-Child Negotiation in Early Childhood
    By Hannah Mudrick
  • 130-48 FH - Intergenerational Social Mobility and Life Satisfaction among Middle-aged Children
    By Haowei Wang

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Early Childhood Education

  • 130-49 EM - Latino Mothers’ Mental Health and Children’s Academic Well-being
    By Francisco Palermo, Gustavo Carlo, Jean Ispa, Christina Squires
  • 130-50 EM - Variation in parenting and toddler emotions across three ethnicities
    By Jennifer Mortensen, Adrienne Edwards
  • 130-51 EM - Predictors of Academic Expectations and Attainment of Hispanic Youth
    By Emily M. May, Dawn P. Witherspoon
  • 130-52 EM - “It is my first time, I don’t know”: Latina Mothers’ Experiences and Kindergarten Entry
    By Sarai Coba-Rodriguez, Robin L. Jarrett

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Supporting Families as Young Adults Go to College

  • 130-53 EE - Linking Psychological Needs with Individual Well-Being: The Case for FOMO
    By Samantha Howard, Kayla Reed-Fitzke, Anthony Ferraro, Mallory Lucier-Greer
  • 130-54 EE - Parent Support for First-Year College Students
    By Suzanna Smith, Heidi Radunovich, Kate Fogarty
  • 130-55 EE - Life Skill Needs of Incoming College Students, and How to Help
    By Heidi Radunovich, Kate Fogarty, Suzanna Smith
  • 130-56 EE - Helicopter Parenting and College Students’ Anxiety: Does Parents’ Gender Matter?
    By Hayley Love, Jeffery Allen, Ming Cui
  • 130-57 EE - Helicopter Parenting and Alcohol Use Among College Students
    By Jeffery Allen, Hailey Love, Ming Cui
  • 130-58 EE - Developing Volunteering Culture Among Brazilian Youth Students
    By Fernanda Ferreira de Morais Zanitti, Luana Maria Monteiro Campos, Cristiana Mercadante Esper Berthoud, Tumaki Aruanã da Silva Cassiano

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Intergenerational Issues

  • 130-59 RT - Intergenerational transmission of at-risk parenting: A gendered process?
    By Samantha Gonzalez, Christina Rodriguez
  • 130-60 RT - Parent-adult Child Relationship Quality: Variation by Union Status and Childbearing
    By Karen Guzzo, Paul Hemez, Lydia Anderson

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Work-Family Issues

  • 130-61 RT - Women’s Share of Family Income and Well-being: A Longitudinal SEM Model
    By Karen Kramer, Sunjin Pak
  • 130-62 AFS - "It's a Teeter-Totter": Changing the Metaphor for Work-Family Balance
    By Kathleen Walker, Maureen Blankemeyer, Gwendolyn West, Tiah J. Wingate
  • 130-63 RT - A Longitudinal Examination of Work-Family Conflict Among Working Mothers in the United States
    By Hassan Raza
  • 130-64 FH - Traveling for Work: What influence does it have on exercise and leisure?
    By Jill Naar, Shelby Borowski, Anisa Zvonkovic
  • 130-65 FF - Nonstandard Work Schedules and Child Well-Being: Does it Matter Which Parent is "Off Schedule?"
    By Brian Knop
  • 130-66 FH - Workshift and Family Welfare of Hotel Workers in Ibadan Metropolis
    By Kudirat Oyebisi Bakare
  • 130-67 FP - Do Family-friendly Policies and Workplace Social Support Reduce Parenting Stress Among Employed Mothers With Nonstandard Work Schedules?
    By Woosang Hwang

​​​​​​​Posters: Substance Abuse

  • 130-68 FH - (MOVED TO SESSION 220-89 ON THURSDAY NOON) Parental Knowledge and Adjustment of Mothers in a Treatment Facility
    By Darcey Powell, Sophia Bolton
  • 130-69 FH - Childhood Trauma, Belonging, and Alcohol Use in Adulthood
    By Chelsey Torgerson, Heather Love, Amber Vennum

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Incarceration

  • 130-70 FP - Individual distress among inmates serving a short-term jail sentence
    By Jenene Case Pease, Xun Liu

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Family Science

  • 130-71 AFS - Assessing the Need for Online Program Offerings in a Family Science Program
    By Crystal Duncan Lane, Kimberly Doudna, Lindsay Okonowsky
  • 130-72 AFS - Flipping the Curriculum: Enhancing Family Science Student Learning
    By Eboni Baugh, Yuliana Rodriguez, Kate Taylor Harcourt
  • 130-73 AFS - Backward design: Transforming Family Science courses from classroom to web
    By Jane Newell, Anthony James, Megan Kuykendoll
  • 130-74 AFS - Testing Bioecological Theory While Examining the Work-Family Balance
    By Hassan Raza
  • 130-75 FH - The Effect of Open-Handed Spanking and More Severe Physical Punishment on Child Aggression: A Propensity-Score Adjustment Approach
    By Hua Lin, Robert Larzelere

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: The Influence of Technology and Social Media on Families

  • 130-76 RT - Men’s and Women’s Perceptions of Technoference in Relationships
    By Jenny Hannan, Brandon McDaniel, Locher KC, Simpson Brianne, Tobeck Ashley
  • 130-77 RT - Daily Technology Interruptions and Emotional and Relational Well-being
    By Brandon McDaniel
  • 130-78 RT - Latent Profiles of Sexting: Implications for Individual and Relationship Well-being
    By Adam Galovan, Brandon McDaniel, Michelle Drouin
  • 130-79 FH - The Future of the Family: Costs and Benefits of Robot Use
    By Stacy Huff, I. Joyce Chang, David Knox
  • 130-80 FH - Social Media's Impact on Uprising Youth
    By Mayra Robledo, Taylor McDonald
  • 130-81 FH - Family, Pregnancy and Demographic Characteristics Associated with Sharing Pregnancy-Related Information on Facebook
    By Tammy Harpel

​​​​​​​Posters: Theory, Research Methods, and Evidence-Based Programs and Practice

  • 130-82 AFS - Identifying dysconscious racism with family theory: Avoiding King’s miseducation in Family Science
    By Bill Anderson, Jenni Wolf, Ashley Narum
  • 130-83 RT - Toward a Hierarchal Theory of Social Emotional Ability Development (SEAD)
    By Victor Harris, Jon Anderson
  • 130-84 RT - Life History Theory and Multipartnered Fertility
    By Margaret Berta, Cassandra Dorius, Melissa Denlinger, Leslie Dooley
  • 130-85 RT - Methodology of Assessing the Prevalence of Human Trafficking in Nebraska
    By Sarah Erwin, Rochelle Dalla, Virginia Chaidez, Jessie Peter, Alyssa Mount, Crysta Price, Terry Clark
  • 130-86 RT - Treating Unipolar Depression: A Quasi Experiment Comparing EMDR therapy to CBT
    By Yile (Tom) Su, Joyce Baptist
  • 130-87 RT - Bidirectional Links of Self-Control and Anxiety: A Six Year Study
    By Katarina Krizova, Alexander Vazsonyi
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