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Poster Symposium: Families Negotiating Identities and Orientations Across Contexts
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Grand Ballroom C
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About the Session

Poster Symposium: Families Negotiating Identities and Orientations Across Contexts

  • 324-01 FF - Socialization Beliefs and Perceptions Among Lesbian and Gay Parents
    By Addie Wyman Battalen, Rachel Farr, David Brodzinsky
  • 324-02 FF - Envisioning Parenthood Among Bisexual, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Women
    By Kyle Simon, Samantha Tornello, Rachel Farr, Henny Bos
  • 324-03 FF - Families as Catalysts: Parental Advocacy of LGB Youth across Contexts
    By Alison Chrisler, Elizabeth Holman
  • 324-04 FF - Adults' Perceptions of Labeling Used in Contemporary LGBTQIA+ Communities.
    By Michelle M. Murray, Mary R. Nedela, Sarah M. Steelman, April L. Few-Demo
  • 324-05 FF - “We are two of the lucky ones:” Experiences with marriage and family well-being for same-sex couples
    By Heather Kennedy, Rochelle Dalla, Steven Dreesman
  • 324-06 FF - The Impact of Family, Friends, and Partners on Bisexual Minority Stress
    By Katie Heiden-Rootes, Erica Hartwell
  • 324-07 FF - Racial and queer socialization in Black and mixed race LGQ parent families
    By Shawn Mendez, Ramona Faith Oswald
  • 324-08 FF - Changes in Sexual Orientation Identity during Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period
    By Melissa Manley, Abbie Goldberg, Lori Ross, Themal Ellawala
  • 324-09 FF - Bisexual Individuals’ Perceptions of Bias from Family Members
    By Maureen Todd, Diane Hall
  • 324-10 FF - Common Ground: Experiences of LGBTQ Young Adults in Evangelical Families
    By Kaitlin Black
  • 324-11 FF - Coming Out: Sibling Impact on Disclosure of Sexual Identity
    By Ryan Peterson, Tiffany Gantz, Jaimee Hartenstein, Adriatik Likcani, Joyce Chang

Facilitator: Tatiana Glebova

Posters: LGBTQ

  • 324-12 RSF - Sexual and Gender Minority Religiosity Across the Life-span: Associations With Group Identification and Identity Salience
    By Barrett Scroggs, Nathaniel Faflick
  • 324-13 RT - Reconsidering the LGBT Climate Inventory: Understanding Support and Hostility
    By Elizabeth Holman, Jessica Fish, Ramona Oswald, Abbie Goldberg
  • 324-14 FF - Pathways to Parenthood Among Transgender Individuals
    By Samantha Tornello
  • 324-15 FT - A phenomenological analysis of transgender volunteers’ experience
    By David Bowers

Posters: African-American Families

  • 324-16 FP - Development and correlates of parent-adolescent conflict in two-parent African American families
    By Olivenne Skinner, Susan McHale
  • 324-17 FH - The Impact of Sickle Cell Disease on Family Functioning: Listening to the Voices of Parents
    By Yvette Harris, Cameron Hay Rollins, Vaishali Raval
  • 324-18 FH - Dietary Behaviors Supported by Family Structure in African American Adults
    By Emily Schulz, R. Curtis Bay, Beverly Rosa Williams, Eddie M. Clark, Jin Huang
  • 324-19 FH - Caregiver Characteristics of Urban African-American Children Living With Severe Asthma
    By Ijeoma Opara, Arlene Butz
  • 324-20 FH - Project DASH: Analyzing Maternal Communication Processes between African American Mothers Living with HIV and Their Daughters
    By Ijeoma Opara, Ndidiamaka Amutah

Posters: Sexual Addiction

  • 324-21 FT - The Role of Social Support in Sexual Addiction Recovery: A Qualitative Exploration of Former Addicts’, Therapists’, and Religious Leaders’ Perspectives
    By Jim Mock, Daniel Hatch, Ryan Busenbark, Tori Byington

​​​​​​​Posters: Feminist Therapists' Experiences of Managed Care

  • 324-22 FT - A Qualitative Study of Feminist Therapists’ Experiences of Managed Care
    By Joy Heafner, Rachel Tambling

​​​​​​​Posters: Foster Care and Adoption

  • 324-23 RT - Parental Monitoring, Child Behaviors, and Foster Parent-Child Relationship
    By Morgan Cooley, Armeda Wojciak, Heather Thompson
  • 324-24 RT - How Do Foster Parents Report Their Experience of Ambiguous Loss Following the Removal of a Foster Child From Their Home?
    By Jennifer Newquist, Linda Ladd
  • 324-25 FF - Lesbian Women and Transracial Adoptions: A Systematic Research Synthesis
    By Ana Huerta Lopez
  • 324-26 FH - Predictors of Intent among Licensed Foster Parents to Continue to Foster Children
    By Amanda Stafford, Larry Forthun, Tracy Johns, David Diehl

​​​​​​​Posters: The Latest Family Life Education Approaches and Their Effectiveness

  • 324-27 EE - The Art of Goodbye: An End-of-Life Extension Education Program
    By Suzanna Smith, Lynda Spence, David Diehl, Ashley Kall
  • 324-28 EE - Reducing Repeat Teen Pregnancy Risk with Sex and Relationship Education
    By Jenee' Duncan, Ted Futris, Mark Pettit
  • 324-29 EE - Effectiveness of Online Parenting Newsletters Over 5 Years (2010-2015)
    By YaeBin Kim, Anne Clarkson
  • 324-30 EE - Parent Demographics in Nurturing Parenting: Implications for Programming
    By Geoffrey Zehnacker, Sean Brotherson, Brooke Kranzler
  • 324-30A EM - (MOVED FROM 405-42 EM, SATURDAY, 8:00 AM) Nuestra Voz: Latinos using narrative as a catalysts for change
    By AnaMaria Diaz Martinez, Drew Betz, Rebecca Sero, Gina Ord

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Religion and Spirituality

  • 324-31 RSF - Distal Family Events, Proximal Influences, and the Religiosity of Incarcerated Males
    By G. Kevin Randall, Alex J. Bishop
  • 324-32 RSF - Family Religiosity, Parent Monitoring, and College Students’ Sexual Risk
    By Deirdre A. Quinn
  • 324-33 RSF - Examining Centrality of Religiosity for Affectionate and Sexual Behaviors
    By Siera Schwanz, Michael Langlais
  • 324-34 RSF - Gender role ideology and religion: Their interrelationship over 45 years
    By Ayse Cakirsoy-Aslan, Merril Silverstein
  • 324-35 RSF - Mechanisms, Barriers, and Motivations of Religious Transmission: A Qualitative Study
    By Heather Kelley, Byran Kroth, Quinn Galbraith
  • 324-36 RSF - The Implications of Religion for Later-Life Marital Relationships
    By Jennifer Roebuck Bulanda, Ronald Bulanda​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Chronic Illness

  • 324-37 FH - Chronic Pain and Adverse Mental Health Outcomes Moderated by Insurance
    By Austin Beck, Denzel Jones, Amber Vennum
  • 324-38 FH - Loss, Trust, and Ambivalence: Women and Families with Illness Uncertainty
    By Emma Potter
  • 324-39 FH - Uncovering the Impact of Chronic Illness on Couples' Relationship Quality
    By Antoinette London-Johnson, Brittny Wells, Cortnie Baity
  • 324-40 FH - What’s In a Face?
    By Megan Mikesell, Jessica Troilo
  • 324-41 FH - Physical Appearance Perceptions of Emerging Adults: Another Look
    By Megan Mikesell, Jessica Troilo

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Families With a Member With Disabilities

  • 324-42 RT - Advocacy amongst parents of children with Down syndrome
    By Kristen Krueger, Bo Steele, Meghan Dyster, Mollie Reves, Jessica Cless, Briana Nelson Goff
  • 324-43 FH - Promoting Successful Developmental Transitions to Adulthood for Adolescents with Disabilities
    By Myles Maxey, Kathleen Piercy
  • 324-44 FH - Multiples Perspectives on Supporting Families of Children with Disabilities
    By Cheryl Geisthardt, Holly Hoffman

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Illness/Medical Family Therapy

  • 324-45 FT - The Relationship Between Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia, Couple Attachment, and Gender
    By Clint Broadbent, Todd Spencer, Brandt Gardner, Nathan Hardy

​​​​​​​Posters: Physical and Mental Illness and Health Issues

  • 324-47 FH - Perceptions of the Medical Setting
    By Kylee Hurd, Pamela Payne
  • 324-48 FH - Couples’ experiences of prostate cancer: Distress, communication, and sexuality
    By Kristin McDaniel
  • 324-49 FH - The Impact of Family, Support, and Clinical Factors on Readmission to Inpatient Care Among Children and Adolescents
    By David Miller, Scott Ronis, Amanda Slaunwhite
  • 324-51 FH - Domestic Violence Factors Influencing Women's Mental Health in Nigeria
  • By David Oladeji
  • 324-52 FH - Disclosing a Breast Cancer Metastatic Recurrence to Family Members
    By Amanda Ginter
  • 324-53 FH - Social Support as Catalyst for Smoking Cessation Intentions
    By Chiung-Ya Tang, Julia Soulakova
  • 324-54 RT - Siblings of Siblings With Autism Spectrum Disorder
    By Alison Schmeer, Victor Harris, Kyra Speegle
  • 324-55 FH - Rural Latino and Non-Latino White Families’ Health Outcomes and Healthcare Access
    By Doris Cancel-Tirado, Sarah Feeney, Isaac Washburn, Yoshie Sano, Kim Greder

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Parenting

  • 324-56 EM - The Impact of a Latino Academic Program on Parent Processes and Adolescent Substance Use.
    By Isaac Washburn, Ronald Cox, Julie Croff, Chao Liu
  • 324-57 EM - Perceived Family Adjustment: The Voices of Latino Fathers
    By Angel Gullon-Rivera
  • 324-58 EM - Risk and Protective Factors, Coparenting, and Child Outcomes Among Latino Families
    By Yuliana Rodriguez, Jacquelyn Mallette, Lindsey Almond, Jessica Resor
  • 324-59 EM - Relations of Effortful Control and Parenting to Resilience in Latino Youth
    By Nayantara Nair, Zoe E. Taylor, Carly D. Evich, Blake L. Jones
  • 324-60 EM - El Busesito: A Two Generation Approach to Early Childhood Education
    By Sara Anne Tompkins, Elaine Grossman, Amanda Tamburro
  • 324-61 EM - African American Discipline Experience and Conflict Management in Adulthood
    By Natasha Williams, David Nalbone, Rebecca Cobb, Megan Murphy
  • 324-62 EM - Main and Interactive Effects of Psychological Control and Active Coping on Latino Youth Aggression, Victimization, and Prosocial Behaviors
    By Cara Streit, Gustavo Carlo, Lisa Crockett
  • 324-63 EM - Coparenting, Family Functioning, and Childrearing Practices in Mexican Americans
    By Jennifer Ross, Jewell Adams, Jaelyn Nixon, Yvonne Caldera
  • 324-64 EM - Temperament, Parental Self-Efficacy, and Childrearing in Mexican Americans
    By Jaelyn Nixon, Jewell Adams, Jennifer Ross, Yvonne Caldera
  • 324-65 EM - Neighborhoods, parenting, and Chinese American adolescents’ achievement
    By Wei Wei, Dawn Witherspoon
  • 324-66 EM - Transactional Process: Latina Girls’ Self-Esteem and Parenting Behaviors
    By Lorena Aceves, Mayra Bamaca-Colbert
  • 324-67 EM - Breastfeeding Matters: Breastfeeding Role Expectations and Mothering Sense of Competence among Korean American Mothers
    By Soo-Bin You, Soyoung Lee, Yeon Bai, Chih-Yuan S. Lee
  • 324-68 EM - Work-Family Conflict, Maternal Depression, Work Schedules, and Parenting Stress in Unmarried Mothers by Cohabiting Status
    By Woosang Hwang, Eunjoo Jung
  • 324-69 EM - African American Mothers’ Journey Through Autism Diagnosis and Treatment for their Children
    By Elizabeth Morgan, Aubyn Staumer

​​​​​​​Posters: Parenting Therapy

  • 324-70 FT - Early Childhood Parenting Behaviors and Middle Childhood Academic Outcomes
    By Erin Harmeyer, Jean Ispa
  • 324-71 FT - Satisfaction with Physical Affection Across the Transition to Parenthood
    By Yasemin Cava-Tadik, Geoffrey Brown
  • 324-72 FT - Masculine Norms, Normative Male Alexithymia, and Father Involvement
    By Lee Essig, Kevin Shafer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Biomarkers and Food Security

  • 324-73 FH - Assessing the Stability of Nutrition Biomarkers in Two At-risk Samples
    By Jennifer M. Barton, Jody S. Nicholson, Jenn Burke-LeFever, Deborah Jacobvitz
  • 324-74 FH - Understanding the Food Environment of Rural Low-Income Families
    By Yoshie Sano, Brianna Routh, Jane Lanigan
  • 324-75 FH - Effects of Family Rituals, Child Behaviors, and Food Security on Rural Maternal Depressive Symptoms
    By Yuk Pang, Juan Bao, Kimberly Greder, Suzanne Smith

​​​​​​​Posters: The Strength and Resilience of Women

  • 324-76 FH - Couple Dynamics, Intimate Partner Violence, and Sexual Health: Agenda for a Couple-based Risk Reduction Intervention
    By Mona Mittal, Ashley Pantaleao, Allison Schroeder
  • 324-76-A FH - HIV Risk-reduction Among Abused Women: Correlates of Treatment Engagement and Retention
    By Allison Schroeder, Mona Mittal
  • 324-76-B FH - Effectiveness of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Intervention to Prevent Repeat Teen Pregnancy
    By Amy Lewin, Deirdre Quinn, Towanda Street
  • 324-77 FH - Health and Behavioral Consequences of the Civil War in Sri Lanka: A case of war affected women heading households
  • By Thulitha Wickrama, K.A.S. Wickrama, Michael J. Merten, Alyssa Banford-Witting, Thanigaseelan Seevaguru
  • 324-78 FF - Linking Community to Women’s Experiences of Resilience
    By Sailaja Subramaniam, M.C., Nicole Monta, MSW, Emily Nichols, MSW, Marsha Carolan, PhD

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Family Relations

  • 324-79 RT - Mother-Daughter Sexual Communication and Adolescent Girls’ Sexual Outcomes
    By Sarah Killoren, Anna Lindell, Gabrielle Kline, Nicole Campione-Barr, Samantha Jones, Rebecca Leaf, Sara Murphy
  • 324-80 RT - Effects of Pre-existing Family Dynamics on Emerging Adults’ Emotions During Holiday Travel
    By Jennifer Zorotovich, Patricia Roberson, Nadia Flanigan
  • 324-81 FH - Observance of Family Routines by Family Type
    By Brandan Wheeler, Tommy Phillips, Joe Wilmoth, Josh Turner, Cecy Brooks, Emily Shaw
  • 324-82 FH - Inconsistent Medicaid Coverage and Parenting Stress Among Teen Mothers
    By Julie Fife, Amy Lewin, Stephanie Mitchell
  • 324-83 RT - Communicating about bullying: Examining disclosure among gifted students
    By Rachel Jumper
  • 324-84 RT - Relational Self-construal: Implications for Relationship Commitment
    By Dan Weigel, Aubrey Etopio, M Rosie Shrout, William Evans

​​​​​​​Posters: Infidelity

  • 324-85 FT - Attitudes, Attachment Styles, and Gender: Implications on Perceptions of Infidelity
    By Christian Stewart

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Posters: Research and Therapy

  • 324-87 FT - Desiring an Exchange of Knowledge: A Thematic Analysis of Practitioner's Experience with Research
    By Kevin Hynes, Thomas Bischoff, Joy Heafner, Hyeseong Kang, Sandra Rigazio-DiGilio


324-01 FF - Socialization Beliefs and Perceptions Among Lesbian and Gay Parents
By Addie Wyman Battalen, Rachel Farr, David Brodzinsky

  • 324-02 FF - Envisioning Parenthood Among Bisexual, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Women
    By Kyle Simon, Samantha Tornello, Rachel Farr, Henny Bos
  • 324-03 FF - Families as Catalysts: Parental Advocacy of LGB Youth across Contexts
    By Alison Chrisler, Elizabeth Holman

Hostility in a community toward the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) community can negatively affect LGB youth’s wellbeing. Parents, however, can act as catalysts, generating support for these youth and becoming advocates for their children. Using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems model, we examine how parents created more affirming spaces for their children at the micro-, meso-, exo-, and macro-system levels. Findings from this study emphasize the importance of looking at contextual factors that influence parents’ advocacy efforts; that for some parents, as they become more aware of hostility, they become more empowered to speak up in support of their LGB child.

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