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Call for Authors

Spring 2022 Issue: A New “Normal”

Proposal Deadline: Extended to Sept. 22, 2021

Adults, children, and families experience normative and non-normative events that result in changes from what they are accustomed to, or what’s “normal.” Research and theory have helped us understand how families adjust and are impacted by several of these life changing events, such as the transition to parenthood, divorce, remarriage, empty nesting, and the death of a loved one.

The global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has many people worldwide longing for a return to normal. Is a return to normal possible, or even desirable? What would a new normal look like? How is a new normal different based on someone’s ability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, national origin, or immigration status? More importantly, what do families need to thrive in the new normal? Growth requires change, however change is not always comfortable, easy, or even optional.

The purpose of the Spring 2022 issue of Family Focus is to offer some insight on how Family Science can advance research, practice, and policy that supports families in embracing and thriving in a new normal.

  • What lessons have we learned from past and emerging research that can help guide future research in studying how today’s families adjust to change?
  • How can best practices from community outreach, intervention programs, and clinical services be applied to support families during normative and/or non-normative transitions?
  • Are there policies that impede and/or support families in successfully growing and thriving following micro- and macro-level events? 

Prospective authors should submit their proposal online by Sept. 22, 2021.

Articles are due Oct. 15, 2021. Contact the editor with questions.


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