NCFR Report, your quarterly member magazine, is a resource filled with information about key family topics. Report is also an opportunity for submission of articles — research- or practice-based — to the Family Focus section, and can be a useful resource for faculty and family educators.

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Call for Report authors

Learn about contributing to the Family Focus section of NCFR Report, and email our Family Focus editor about writing on the following upcoming theme/s:


Fall 2019: Family Sustainability: Contextualizing Relationships Within Evolving Systems


The world around families continues to change, and families continue to adapt to the settings in which they live. Strong families exist in all settings.

The fall 2019 issue of Family Focus, like the 2019 NCFR Annual Conference, will explore some of the ways that strong families adjust and are sustained by the family relationships that maintain the well-being and resilience of the family unity across generations.

Submissions should focus on family strengths and how families use their relationships and existing community resources to respond to environmental and internal challenges. Of special interest are the what, how, and why of strong family relationships within their specific contexts and within evolving systems that were vital to their resilience. This is a chance to zero in on marriages and other committed intimate relationships, parent-child relationships, siblings, intergenerational partnerships, and any other ways that family members work together to make strong bonds and support strengths and growth. What empirical evidence have you seen of strong family relationships helping communities and individual families deal with economic stress, community violence, family disruption, and other challenges and opportunities? What implications does that research have for family professionals? We welcome your submissions!

Prospective authors should indicate intent to submit by May 1, 2019. Contact the editor at [email protected] with questions or about your interest in submitting, and include one to two sentences summarizing what you wish to cover. Articles will be due May 15, 2019. Please review the complete author guidelines below.


Family Focus Author Guidelines