Congratulations To NCFR's Honors Graduates for Spring 2017!

NCFR awarded honors to 47 college and university students who completed their academic programs in spring 2017. NCFR Honors Student Recognition is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, and community service in the family field.

Graduating soon? Upcoming deadlines to apply for honors are June 1, 2017 (summer graduates); Oct. 1, 2017 (fall graduates); and March 1, 2018 (spring 2018 graduates).

Spring 2017 Recipients

Auburn University

  • Margaret L. Smith

Baylor University

  • Grace Y. Lee
  • Jessica L. McGrew

Brigham Young University

  • Travis J. Spencer

California State University-Long Beach

  • Laura Suarez

California State University-Sacramento

  • Sarah M. Riffle

George Mason University

  • Ricardo O. Sanchez

Indiana State University

  • Morgan Kristine Rees
  • Claire E. Smith

Messiah College

  • Sarah A. Berger
  • Lindsay R. Bower
  • Annette G. Kolb
  • Mackenzie R. Luce
  • Morgan L. Luce
  • Rebekah E. Mowen
  • Cara E. Peterson
  • Leah H. Wagner

Oklahoma Baptist University

  • Olive Abigail Reel

Samford University

  • Caitlin A. Gassner
  • Julia C. Jackson
  • Aubrey J. Johnston
  • Lindsay E. Smith

Towson University

  • Teresa L. Herbert

University of Alberta

  • Rebecca M. Horne

University of California-Davis

  • Carolyn A. Sutter

University of Central Oklahoma

  • Reisha D. Graves
  • Iyesogie Sophia Iyiewuare
  • Darcy E. McTiernan

University of Colorado-Denver

  • Larissa A. Kelly

University of Detroit Mercy

  • Maria G. Romo-Canchola

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

  • Jenny Ng

University of Missouri

  • Katherine A. Crowley

University of Montevallo

  • Amber R. James

University of New Mexico

  • Jessica M. Torres

University of North Texas

  • Ashley N. Cunningham

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

  • Kristin M. Anders

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Nicole E. Johnson

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

  • Molly A. Thome

Utah State University

  • Latrisha M. Fall

Utah Valley University

  • Lauren C. Jardine
  • Mitchell N. Riley

Virginia Tech

  • Sonia L. Molloy

Weber State University

  • Kayleen Anderson
  • Kimber L. Fisher
  • Matthew J. Lefthand
  • Jenny Smithey

West Virginia University

  • Madeline M. Collins