Family News from the United Nations

July 2017 edition


Once a month, NCFR will round up resources from the United Nations (U.N.) and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to family research. 

  • The global "SDGs & Families" project is working to help policymakers understand the role of stable families in supporting societies, and how policy decisions affect family and child well-being. Among the particpants is Mihaela Robila, Ph.D., one of NCFR's representatives to the U.N.

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  • The International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) has published its latest paper entitled "Families in a Changing Society" which features the first part of final recommendations from a large-scale collaborative European research project.

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  • In June, an International Conference on the Family and Sustainable Development was held in Lagos, Nigeria. Experts from around the world discussed issues related to providing equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities in Nigeria and worldwide.

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  • On June 23, 2017 the U.N. Department of Public Information officially associated itself with 15 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including Sesame Workshop, the non-profit media and educational organization behind Sesame Street. NGOs associated with the U.N. are called upon to help share and disseminate information about the work of the U.N. and "to join the global effort to support the [U.N.'s] 17 Sustainable Development Goals, promote and defend human rights, and promote peace and security." Learn more about Sesame Workshop's initiatives.

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