Improvements to NCFR's Online Proposal Submission System

The online system for submitting conference proposals is now open. Proposals are due March 1, 2018 — 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. See the call for proposals and more details here.

Oxford Abstracts, the online submission database for NCFR conference proposals, has been redesigned to improve your experience submitting a proposal. A few highlighted changes:

  1. A simplified login page. All users now simply enter their email address and the software will request the password if they already have an account. They will be asked to register an account if they do not have a password.
  2. The proposal submission is all on one page. You can save your changes and return to finish your proposal later.
  3. First authors must provide expanded co-author information on the submission form, including co-authors' credentials, employer, title, email address, and more.

To preview the entire submission process, and see all changes, please look through these instructions.

Conference Program Consultant Cindy Winter shows how to submit a conference proposal in the video below.



With questions regarding content, contact the chair of the section to which you are submitting.
With technical or process questions, email Cindy Winter.