NCFR Launches Discussion Groups as a New Member Benefit



NCFR has launched a new discussion groups platform, which replaces NCFR email listservs as of January 2018.

Discussion groups are an online gathering place for NCFR members and Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE) to join conversations with members of their section, focus group, affiliate, CFLE community, and other member groups. Access to discussion groups is a benefit of being an NCFR member or CFLE. 

Discussion Group Features

  • Participate through email or the web platform. This new platform offers the convenience of posting right from your inbox as well as expanded features easy to use from a web browser. 
  • Search the member directory. NCFR members and CFLEs each have a searchable directory that shows who is in each group, and includes the ability to send a private message and add individuals as contacts. 
  • Browse past discussions and resources. Search by keyword or browse through all past discussions in one place.
  • Each discussion group has a library that stores the attachments from discussion posts and any other resources that group members would like to post directly to the library.
  • Post an event for members to learn about.


Ready to join the conversation? Here's what to do:

1. Log in at

Your username/password combination are the same as for the NCFR website and payment portal. Your username is typically your primary work email address. Once logged in, select My Groups from the orange toolbar and view the groups you are in. 

2. Start a new conversation thread or reply to an existing post

Once logged into the website, select My Groups (under Groups), or Post a Message (under Participate). 

You can also reply or create an original post directly from any email you receive from discussion groups. Towards the top of the message you will find a link to Post New Message.

In the footer you will find links to:

  • Reply to Group Online   
  • View Thread   
  • Recommend   
  • Forward

Click here to access NCFR discussion groups. 

Questions? Check out our FAQs page or email Bethany Cox