Research Summary Published on the Mental Health of Transgender Youth

Review of Gender Variance Research in Development, Mental Health Issues, and Family, School, and Community Contexts



The University of Minnesota Extension has published a research brief and executive summary on gender variance and transgender identities of children and youth. The full brief reviews the current body of transgender youth research with regards to development, mental health considerations, and the effects of family, school, and community contexts. In addition, two family practitioners, who work with transgender youth, provide implications for practice and policy.

The short summary provides gender terminology, points of intervention, and strategies for family, school, and community contexts. It is appropriate for parents, educators, and any community members who work with transgender youth.

The lead author, Jennifer K. McGuire, Ph.D., is an NCFR member. Dr. McGuire brought her expertise on transgender youth as the "scholar in residence" at the Extension's Children, Youth & Family Consortium for the duration of the project. 

Read the full research brief (PDF)

Read the executive summary (PDF)