Spring 2015 Research & Theory Section update

Joyce A. Arditti, section chair

Revisioning Research & Theory Part I

New Outreach Coordinator for Research & Theory Section

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan has recently joined the Research & Theory (RT) Section Executive Committee as our Outreach Coordinator (OC). The RT leadership developed this ad hoc position as a key component of our campaign to "revision research & theory" so that the RT section best reflects NCFR members diverse theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary backgrounds as well as our shared concerns about social justice and social inequality. As the OC, Sarah will develop ways to engage section members, including writing a blog that will highlight the work of the section and its membership. Sarah will also be leading our "icon makeover" contest described below.

Revisioning Research & Theory Part 2

ICON makeover contest

The Research and Theory (RT) section of NCFR is getting a makeover!

As part of our "revisioning research & theory" campaign, RT is reexamining its identity. We would like to be the home for all NCFR members who have burning questions about families, use a variety of methods to address those questions, and hail from diverse theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. We want to emphasize innovation in theory and methods and the importance of the process of research.

As part of this "revisioning" process, we would like to unveil a new icon that captures the diversity of theories, methods, and approaches RT members apply to the study of families.

We are looking to YOU to help redesign the icon (see the current icon in the image to the upper right).

Please email entries to Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan by Friday, March 20. You can design entries using computer software or by hand (if the latter, please scan the design and submit via email).

If your icon is chosen as the new one for the section, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!