Winter 2013 Family Therapy update

by Christi McGeorge, section chair
Content Area
Counseling and Therapy

Greetings from the Family Therapy section! The conference this year was an exciting one as NCFR celebrated its 75th anniversary and the Family Therapy section awarded the second Kathleen Briggs Mentoring Award to Dr. Fred Piercy. Thank you to all who attended the section meeting; we had 103 people in attendance! It is certainly an exciting time to be a member of the Family Therapy section.

I want to thank the legacy scholars who participated in a memorable mentoring activity during the section meeting: Drs. Pauline Boss, Bill Doherty, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Carmen Knudson-Martin, Leigh Leslie, Sandra Stith, Karen Wampler, Richard Wampler, and Joe Wetchler. It was truly wonderful to watch all of the interactions that took place at each of the mentoring tables. I would also like to thank the legacy scholars for how each of them has shaped the field of family therapy and for the mentorship they provided to section members.

I also want to thank all the scholars who donated books for the Kathleen Briggs Award Fundraising book auction. It was fun to see how excited members were to "win" books at the auction. We raised $326.95 for the Briggs Mentoring Award. You can also donate to the Kathleen Briggs Mentoring Award from the NCFR website, or by sending a check to the National Council on Family Relations, 1201 West River Parkway Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55454. You will need to specify that your check is for the Kathleen Briggs Award.

At the 2014 NCFR conference, the Family Therapy section will celebrate its 75th anniversary. In honor of this major milestone, the Family Therapy Executive Committee is planning a special celebration during the section meeting. If you have photos or mementos from the section and are willing to share them please email me.

Finally, I would like to thank the amazing Family Therapy section executive committee for all of their commitment and hard work: Chair-elect Shayne Anderson, Secretary/Treasurer Rachel Tambling, Student/New Professional Representative Lindsey Edwards, and Past Chair Tom Blume.

I look forward to seeing you in Baltimore for what will surely be another truly outstanding conference.