Qualitative Research and the Journal of Marriage and Family

In August 2012, the Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF) published an exchange on qualitative research. Subsequently Drs. LaRossa, Goldberg, Roy, Sharp and Zvonkovic, with input from others, produced a report pertaining to qualitative research in the Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF). This report (downloadable at the bottom of this webpage) explores the JMF community, the presence of qualitative research in its issues, and the culture of qualitative family research overall.

From Kelly Raley, past editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family:

I appreciate the efforts of NCFR members and scholars who seek to improve the quality and representation of qualitative research within the pages of the Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF). As editor I aim to have the best research on families appear in the journal. Some of that research is qualitative. The report recommendations may help JMF achieve this goal.

I had an opportunity to read and comment on early versions of the report and many of the suggestions therein are helpful. In fact, some we have already implemented. For example, the Editorial Board has been expanded to include many more respected qualitative researchers. A continuing concern involves inconsistent judgments among reviewers about what constitutes good qualitative research. I hope that within the next year we are able to post revised guidelines to reviewers. And I anticipate continuing to return to the report for guidance for how to improve the review process at JMF throughout the remainder of my term as editor.