Guidelines for Resubmission to the Journal of Marriage and Family (JMF)

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If you have been invited to revise and resubmit your manuscript to the Journal of Marriage and Family, please follow the instructions below.


  • Upload your revision online at Manuscript Central. First, find your original (or most recently revised) manuscript in the Author Center under "Manuscripts with Decisions." Then under "Actions," click "Create a Revision." Upload your revised manuscript and delete the original version.
  • Revised manuscripts do not require an additional submission fee.
  • Continue to blind your resubmission (i.e. do not include author information or acknowledgements).
  • Submit a separate Word document explaining the changes you made in response to the comments of the Editor and Reviewer(s). Enumerate each relevant comment from each Reviewer (and Editor, if relevant) in bold and include your response/description of changes beneath each comment. Rather than reprinting any new material in its entirety, refer instead to the page number on which the changes may be found.

Manuscript Preparation and Formatting

  • Continue to follow the JMF Style Guide.
  • Submit revised manuscripts as Microsoft Word documents. Table and figures should be in an editable format in Word and should not be copied and pasted as an image in Word. This facilitates the copyediting process should your manuscript be accepted for publication.

Resubmission of Conditionally Accepted Manuscripts

  • If tables and figures were embedded in the manuscript for the review process as we request, they should now be moved to the end of the manuscript in preparation for copyediting. Each table or figure should begin on a new page. See the JMF Style Guide for more specific formatting instructions.
  • This is a good time to consult Wiley’s Search Engine Optimization page to ensure that your manuscript title and keywords are optimized for accessibility via search engines, which will extend the reach and impact of your work.

Accepted Manuscripts

  • Once accepted, we ensure that all files are in editable formats and ready for the copyediting stage. You will be contacted by JMF Editorial Assistants if final versions of your files are required.
  • You will be asked to sign a publisher’s copyright agreement form, which is required by Wiley for publication. Authors are asked to complete the copyright agreement process within three business days.
  • Your manuscript will be sent to First Look for copyediting and you will receive a proof of your manuscript after initial edits are complete. You will then review the edits made by the copyeditor, respond to any queries, make needed corrections, and return your files for final approval by the requested date.
  • Your manuscript is then sent for production at Wiley. After your manuscript is formatted for publication, you will have an opportunity to make corrections to a PDF proof of your article. We ask that proofs be returned within 72 hours if possible. More than five corrections will result in a charge.

After Publication

  • Articles that have received funding from federal funding sources such as NIH will be automatically deposited into PubMed and ERIC by Wiley (if the funding source is clearly acknowledged by the author in the manuscript).
  • Wiley makes several resources available to allow you to easily share and promote your article. Review this overview of how to promote your research. Specific services include: (1) Wiley Content Sharing, which provides a link to a read-only version of your article that may be shared with unlimited people, posted on social channels, institutional repositories, and author websites and (2) Article Share, which allows you to invite up to 10 colleagues to receive unlimited free access to your article.
  • Manuscripts are first published online in Early View before they appear in print publication. If your university or other organization plans to promote your article with a press release, it may be possible to slightly delay online publication so that it coincides with the press release, which is optimal for attracting media coverage of your work. Such requests should be made as soon as possible after article acceptance by emailing the Ohio State editorial office at [email protected].

Updated June 22, 2021

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