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National Council on Family Relations
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The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), the premier professional association for the multidisciplinary understanding of families, and sponsor of the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential, seeks an editor for its quarterly newsletter, CFLE Network.

CFLE Network, provides news, information, resources and materials regarding the practice of Family Life Education. It also provides information regarding the status and ongoing development of the CFLE program.

The purpose is to share information on Family Life Education in a translational way and in an easy to read, journalistic fashion. Each CFLE Network issue has a theme, and the editor is responsible for determining the four themes for each year, in consultation with the director of Family Life Education.

This part-time, contract position is to be filled immediately for a period of 24 months with an option to renew for 12 months. This job can be performed remotely.

Editorial Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain the highest possible standards in the content of each issue
  • Work with the director of Family Life Education to ensure that all production deadlines are met
  • Work with the authors, a copy editor and production staff
  • Work with NCFR’s director of Family Life Education throughout the editorial process, including the option of determining a “guest editor” for each issue
  • Ensure that each issue is within the page limit set by NCFR
  • Act proactively and contact expert authors about writing articles
  • Maintain discretion on all confidential information gained through the editor position
  • Assist the director of Family Life Education in the education and training of a new editor at the completion of their term
  • Current status as a CFLE and familiarity with CFLE Network
  • An advanced degree in Family Science, preferred
  • A solid, established record of experience in Family Life Education and the Family Science discipline
  • Experience with editing and writing, including Microsoft word processing “track changes” function
  • Ability to work effectively with staff, guest editors, and authors
  • Demonstrated project management proficiency
  • Constructive and positive approach to interactions with others

NCFR will provide:

  • An editorial stipend to the editor and access to materials on the NCFR website
  • Placement for the newsletter on the NCFR website
  • Copy editing services
  • Production and distribution of the newsletter to current CFLEs
  • Funds for financial issues, upon approval by the director of Family Life Education
  • Management for all other issues

The editor should recuse themselves from editing an article on which she or he has a potential conflict of interest.

Job Overview

Job Type
Part time

(Note: this job can be performed remotely)
NCFR is located at 661 LaSalle Street, Suite 200
Saint Paul, MN 55114
United States

How to Apply

Preliminary application materials include:

  1. Letter of application in which the following issues are addressed:
    • How do you assess your qualifications (experiences/perspectives/knowledge of Family Science and Family Life Education) as the potential editor of the CFLE Network?
    • Describe what you think the relationship should be between the editor and authors.
    • Describe how you would manage the editorial process including communicating with the author(s) and tracking reviewer comments.
  2. Resume or curriculum vitae
  3. Two letters of reference addressing your qualifications.

The CFLE Network editor search committee will review application materials beginning Feb. 15, 2019, until the position is filled. Please send your application materials via email or mail to:

Maddie Hansen
Education and Certification Coordinator

National Council on Family Relations
661 LaSalle St., Suite 200 |
Saint Paul, MN 55114

Email: [email protected]

Application Deadline
Review begins Feb. 15, 2019