Manage Your NCFR Membership

Find Your Membership Information at

Within — NCFR's self-service customer portal — you can find information about your membership and other benefits available to you through NCFR:

  • your NCFR membership record
  • your NCFR profile
  • NCFR products available for purchase (e.g., books, journal submission fees)
  • NCFR events you can register for (e.g., annual conference, webinars)
  • records of your past orders and purchases with NCFR
  • links to benefits related to NCFR and your membership

How to Log In

When you visit, you'll need to be logged in to access your records. Your username and password are the same that you use to log in to the main website. If you're not sure of your username or password, contact us at [email protected] or 888-781-9331.

Your Dashboard: My Profile & My Membership

On your dashboard (main page) when you log in at, find your NCFR ID # and contact information on file, your membership status, links to member benefits, and your section and focus group memberships.

You can also update your NCFR profile and make changes to your section and focus group memberships from the main dashboard.

Renew Your Membership

If you have an open invoice to renew your membership: On your dashboard (main page), you will see a banner noting your open balance, where you can click the "Details" button to renew/pay. You will also see a "Renew Now" button in the My Membership area of your dashboard that you can click to renew/pay.

When you click either "Details" or "Renew Now," from there you can add your membership renewal to your shopping cart and enter your payment information.

If you would like to renew early (no invoice open yet): You can pay ahead or extend your membership for one or two additional years at current membership rates if you wish. Contact NCFR at 888-781-9331 or [email protected] and we'll adjust your invoice and membership record.

View & Update Your Profile

You can update your contact information, employment information, education information, areas of expertise, demographic information, and NCFR email preferences in the portal. 

Hover your cursor over the "My Profile" menu item in the blue menu bar. Click on any of the profile areas to make updates to that area.

Keeping your profile information up to date helps us know more about NCFR's membership and better tailor NCFR's resources and services to fit your needs.

Add Sections & Focus Groups to Your Membership

From your dashboard / main page of or by hovering over the "Membership" menu item in the blue menu bar, you can join new NCFR sections or focus groups entirely online. You may also remove focus groups from your membership.

To remove a section from your membership, email [email protected] and let us know which section to remove; please include your NCFR ID # in the email. (Section dues are not refunded.)

Manage Events, Product Purchases, & Donations

In the portal, you will also see menu items in the blue menu bar for Events, Products, and Donate.

Under Events, you will find links to register for the NCFR conference (when available) and for NCFR's live webinars. You can also see which events and webinars you are already registered for.

Under Products, explore publications NCFR offers; options to purchase a job posting that displays in the NCFR Jobs Center; webinars (both live and on-demand recordings); and more.

Click the Donate menu item to make a donation to NCFR.

Manage Your Member Directory Settings

In the online member directory — available to NCFR members only by logging in — you can find other NCFR members by name, location, NCFR group membership, area of expertise, and more.

You may set your profile-display preferences for the member directory (i.e., what information about you is displayed in the directory) via your privacy settings within the online platform that houses the directory and NCFR's online discussion groups.