Diverse Family Structures Focus Group

The Diverse Family Structures Focus Group is intended for NCFR members who are interested in understanding and supporting families that (a) experience transitions in structure or (b) are otherwise understudied — for instance: stepfamilies, single-parent families, multigenerational families, same-sex parent families, adoptive families, and more. This focus group welcomes all students, practitioners, educators, and researchers who aren't focused solely on families headed by two parents with biological ties to their children (i.e., nuclear families) and who seek to promote resilience among diverse family structures. This is the place to explore the nuances and needs of the growing number of families that deviate from the nuclear family model.

Families are dynamic, as are the trends, values, and attitudes that can influence choices about forming, sustaining, or ending relationships. Consequently, we continue to see diversity and variation in how families are structured over time, both in the United States and beyond. If you are interested in diverse family structures, this focus group is for you.

Todd Jensen, Co-chair
Caroline Sanner, Co-chair

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