NCFR sections bring together members who have similar professional-topic interests within the framework of the larger organization, giving them a forum to connect and communicate. Section participation provides opportunities for conference participation, leadership and serviceawards, and more.

Each section also has an online discussion group for section members to connect with each other — having discussions, asking questions, sharing resources, and more. All section members are automatically subscribed to their section discussion group.

Section Dues & Changing Your Section Membership

The section dues fee is $11 per section for professional/emeritus members and $5 per section for students.

Section membership is concurrent with your base NCFR membership. You may join or change sections anytime during the membership period, but fees are not discounted or refunded.

To add a section to your membership, log in at, click "Join Additional Sections," check the boxes for the additional sections you wish to join, then continue through checkout.

To remove a section from your membership, email [email protected] and let us know which section to remove; please include your NCFR ID number in the email.


Social Media Guidelines

NCFR has official Community Outpost Guidelines developed for member groups to use. These guidelines encompass all online communities on the internet affiliated with or connected to NCFR, including social media and NCFR discussion groups. 

NCFR Community Outpost Guidelines

NCFR Community Outpost - Administrator Checklist


Section Forms and Documents