Education and Enrichment Section

The Education and Enrichment (EE) Section unites the members of the NCFR who are concerned with Family Life Education and with enrichment, and shares information on effective methods, materials, programs, and processes. The section's purpose is to improve the teaching of family relationships and the effectiveness of family enrichment events by making specific the competencies needed by Family Life Educators and enrichment facilitators.

Section Officers

  • Michelle L. Toews, CFLE, Chair (2022)
  • Alan Taylor, CFLE, Chair-elect (2022)
  • Alisha Hardman, CFLE, Secretary/Treasurer (2022)
  • Evin Winkelman-Richardson, CFLE, Students & New Professionals Representative (2022)
  • Karen Myers-Bowman, CFLE, Past Chair (2022)