Mexican American Families: Family Relationships in Established and Emerging Immigrant Communities - audio recording

This 2013 NCFR Annual Conference symposium recording features the work of two research groups focused on advancing our field's understanding of parent-child, sibling, and marital relationships among families of Mexican origin living in the southwest and southeastern Unites States.

Discussant: Andrew Behnke
Chair: Heather M. Helms
Presider: Claire Wood

  • Prospective Links Between Mexican-origin Parents' Relationships With Youth's Romantic Relationships
    Presented by: Lorey A. Wheeler, Kimberly Updegraff, Susan McHale, Adriana Umaña-Taylor
  • The Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Family Experiences of Mexican Immigrant Parents in North Carolina at the Advent of the Great Recession
    Presented by: Yuliana Rodriguez, Natalie Hengstebeck, Heather M. Helms, Claire Wood, Maylee Vazquez
  • Parents' Gender Role Attitudes, Wives' Employment Status, and Mexican-Origin Husbands' Marital Satisfaction
    Presented by: Natalie Hengstebeck, Heather M. Helms, Yuliana Rodriguez, Claire Wood