From the Program Chair

2017 Conference Program Chair Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Ph.D.

In today’s society, much of dialogue and rhetoric about families focuses upon the economic and social “costs” of families. For example, the costs of basic family needs such as

Maureen Perry-Jenkins, Ph.D., 2017 NCFR Conference Program Chair

child care, health care, schooling, parental leave, and elder care are at the core of much social and political debate. At the 2017 NCFR annual conference, the goal is to challenge scholars, practitioners and policymakers to reframe the narrative on families and ask: How do family relations and functions advance the lives of children and adults, as well as build stronger schools, communities, workplaces and nations? How do families function as catalysts, at multiple levels, for a vibrant, healthy and well-functioning society?

Conference goals

  1. To highlight research that not only considers the ways in which broader social contexts influence families but also turns the tide to consider how families serve as catalysts for healthy children, neighborhoods, communities, and societies

  2. To feature evidence-based best practices that promote family empowerment and human connections that shape the experiences of families at multiple levels

  3. To critically examine policy that views families as “recipients” of societal support and to propose new approaches that recognize the role families play in building stronger, healthier children, schools, neighborhood, workplaces, and communities