2017 NCFR Annual Conference Session Listing

2017 Full Conference Schedule (PDF)

Below, find details about each session planned for the 2017 NCFR Annual Conference, Nov. 15-18 in Orlando, Florida. We have also created a series of sessions sorted by NCFR sections and interest areas.

Session pages will include presentation slides or handouts if the presenter(s) chose to make them available. 

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Conference Session
Poster Symposia: Pregnancy and Parenting in Young Mothers; Effective Approaches to Support Families Across the Lifespan
11:30 AM
1:00 PM
Session #
Grand Ballroom C

86 total posters in this session. Topics include Education Throughout the Lifecourse; Early Educational Programs Helping Families and Young Children; Marriage; Transition to Parenthood; plus ten more topics.


Conference Session
Resource Exchange

Leandra Parris, Renée Tobin, Ani Yazedjian , Norma J. Perez-Brena, Michelle Toews, Andrea Hutson, Mark Feinberg, Chelsea Garneau-Rosner, Carrie Lehman, Ashton Chapman, Emily Manning, Nate Stoddard, Victor W. Harris , Silvia Bartolic, Daniel Perlman, Ronald Bulanda, Anita Glee Bertram, Brandon Burr, Kaye Sears, LaDonna Atkins, Tawni Holmes, Melissa Powers, Kasey Wood, Julia Bernard, Meghan Dove, Johnnye Rogers, Michael O'Neal, Paul Fisher, Katy Gregg, Sherria D. Taylor, Margaret E. Machara, Kimberly Allen, I. Joyce Chang, Rebecca Ward, Kimmery Newsom, Lover Chancler, Keondria McClish, Yolanda Mitchell, Jackie Schwab, Robin Yaure, Pamela B. Payne, Naomi Brower, Grace Bingham, Catherine Dutton, Karen Blaisure, Crystal Duncan Lane, Bryce Dickey, David Knox, Lacey Bagley, Claire Kimberly, Maureen Blankemeyer, Kathleen Walker, Courtney Walsh, Tiah J. Wingate, Adrienne Edwards, Jenna Dewar, Jacki Fitzpatrick, Rhonda Buckley, Sterling Wall, Tumaki Aruanã da Silva Cassiano, Fernanda Ferreira de Morais Zanitti, Cristiana Mercadante Esper Berthoud, Judith Myers-Walls, Darin Knapp, Tami James Moore, Sylvia Asay

8:00 PM
9:30 PM
Session #
Grand Ballroom E

Each section will have individual member meetings the first 30 minutes, followed by a joint professional development session of three 25-minute sets of resource exchanges.