Experiential Practices as Catalysts for Student Learning

Concurrent Sessions 4

Raeann R. Hamon, Verity Hwang, Erin Boyd-Soisson, Lindsay Bower, Suzanne R. Smith, Tracy Tachiera, Robert Reyes, Debra L. Berke; Facilitator and Chair: Debra L. Berke

5:00 PM
6:15 PM
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About the Session

  • 151-01 - Creating an FLE Program in an Undergraduate Family Life Education Methodology Capstone Course
    By Raeann R. Hamon, Verity Hwang
  • 151-02 - Experiential Learning: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Preschool Observation Assignment in Students’ Retention of Child Development Course Concepts and Theories
    By Erin Boyd-Soisson, Lindsay Bower
  • 151-03 - Exploring the Differential Impact of In-Class and Out-of-Class Experiential Activities on Student Learning of Human Ecological Theory
    By Suzanne R. Smith, Tracy Tachiera
  • 151-04 - Experiential Learning and its Impact on the Affective Domain of Learning
    By Robert Reyes
  • 151-05 - Trauma-informed Experiential Learning Practices
    By Debra L. Berke

Facilitator and Chair: Debra L. Berke


This symposium will reflect on experiential learning activities used in the family science classroom. They include: 1) creating an FLE program in an undergraduate family life education methodology capstone course, 2) completing a preschool observation assignment in a child development course, 3) exploring the differential impact of in-class and out-of-class experiential activities on student learning of Human Ecological theory, 4) examining a poverty simulation experiential learning activity and its impact on the affective domain of learning and 5) designing trauma-informed experiential learning practices. In addition to providing an overview of the experiential activity, presenters will share evaluative data where available.


Participants will be able to describe multiple methods of incorporating experiential learning into the family science classroom.

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